TERROR: Bochur Stabbed with Screwdriver in Yerushalayim (Video, Photos)

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An 18-year-old yeshiva bochur was stabbed by a Palestinian man wielding a screwdriver in Yerushalayim today, sustaining moderate wounds to his upper body.

Police converged on the A-Tur neighborhood where the attack took place, but by the time they arrived, the Palestinian terrorist had already fled the scene and police forces launched a manhunt.

The chassidishe bochur was transported to Hadassah Hospital on Har Hatzofim.

The A-Tur neighborhood is located near Har Hazeisim, from where the bochur was returning after davening at the kever of the Sonimer Rebbe zt”l, the Nesivos Shalom, whose yahrtzeit is today. The bochur was walking towards the bus stop on Har Hazesisim when he was attacked.



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David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


    • Not true.
      They sure do say something.
      They say–
      If you catch the stabber, be sweet and kind. He’s a poor disadvantaged youth. Buy him a nice dinner. Buy him a nice car. If he (Ch”v) goes on to stab a few more victims, that just proves you haven’t been nice enough, and you’ll have to try harder.
      As for the young man who was stabbed- (outraged noises) What does he think he’s doing? Walking on the street?! Waiting for a bus?! In Yerushalayim?! Jews should not be allowed to roam the streets of Yerushalayim freely! And not Tel Aviv either, for that matter. Or Paris. Or LA. Or Berlin. Or Moscow. Or Mumbai. Or NY. Jews have to learn their place.
      What? You’re asking where that is? That’s the trouble with you Jews. Always asking questions.


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