Terror Continues: Two Wounded in Shooting Attack Near Ramallah

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shooting-attack-west-bankAn Israeli couple was wounded tonight in a West Bank shooting attack after Palestinian terrorists opened fire at an Israeli vehicle traveling in the Ramallah area. The shooting victims were identified as Moshe and Shira Morano,  both in their 30s.

Moshe moderate wounds,  while Shira was lightly hurt. Magen David Adom officials said Moshe sustained leg injuries, while Shira suffered from blows as result of the vehicle overturning.

The vehicle, which was attacked between the communities of Rimonim and Kochav Hashachar on Route 60, turned over and landed in a ditch.

The latest attack follows the deadly shooting Tuesday that left four Israelis dead near Chevron.

IDF Central Command Spokesman Peter Lerner, who arrived at the site of tonight’s attack, said the shooting victims managed to get out of the vehicle and flee the scene.

“The wounded came out of the vehicle and ran away to the wadi, where they waited for fear that they would be killed,” he said. “Later they climbed back and called for help…the army, Shin Bet, and police have launched an investigation into the incident, yet at this moment there are no leads.”

The attackers apparently fired at the Israeli car from a passing vehicle, he said.

IDF troops were scouring the area and also searching for a suspicious vehicle seen at the site.

Palestinian security forces also launched an investigation into the incident.

A Palestinian security official told Ynet that the Palestinian Authority considered the attack a grave incident and blamed Hamas for “trying to return the West Bank into a state of anarchy, in order to thwart the political process.”

The Palestinians said that PA security forces were deployed at all Ramallah-area roads in an effort to spot the suspicious vehicle pursued by the Israeli army. The IDF has sealed off all access routes to the city, PA officials said.

Following the attack, Palestinian security chiefs were scheduled to hold an emergency session tonight. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has ordered officials to take any steps necessary to curb Hamas’ ability to carry out attacks.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Ynet contributed to this report}


  1. Apparently the situation is very grave, because these terrorists are not even from the palestinian areas they are foreign nationals who have been sent by hamas from syria orchestrated by Iran to infiltrate the territories and attack as many israelis as possibe and try to eventualy reach over the green line and strike as much as they could, and these rishuyim sent over a few units unrelated and unaware one to the other, and the scaryest part is that Obama demanded check posts to be removed while the talks are in progress and wont allow Israel to put back these check posts claiming that the P.A. will search for them, well the useless P.A. aint very capable even if they wanted to be, and so the real result is that Jews are being killed in Israel because of the demands of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

  2. Where is the “tough guy”, Netanyahu – the “right winger”? Where is his leadership? If he had any —-s, he would tell Abbas to go —- himself! This phonie, Netanyahu is a bigger wimp, loser than the entire Kadima & Labor party’s combined. He can’t even stand up to a very weak Obama. They should throw this appeazer out of office!


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