TERROR FEAR: FBI Tracking 48 High-Risk ISIS Suspects in the United States

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fbiThe FBI is tracking at least 48 high-risk terrorism suspects linked to the Islamic State (ISIS), Fox News reports.

Elite tracking squads called mobile surveillance teams are assigned to the suspects 24/7 within the United States, according to Fox.

“There is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists, under surveillance,” Republican Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, told Fox. “The FBI, together with law enforcement agencies across the country, are engaged in this.

Enormous amounts of manpower and money are required for the round-the-clock operations, Coats said. At least a dozen agents are assigned to each suspect.

The recent Paris attacks taught law enforcement that radicalization can happen quickly. Hasna Ait Boulahcen, the female suspect killed in a shootout in Saint Denis had been involved in partying just a month before the Paris attacks, her friends said.




  1. Hey, they tracked Tsarnaev brothers too… until the Boston marathon that is. FBI and NSA would rather collect data and otherwise violate the constitutional rights of all of us than to take a logical proactive action against the islamonazis.

  2. #1: Because we’re talking about the United States not Russia. In the United States, suspicion is not guilt. On the other hand, it’s prudent to track them. It is even better they know that we’re tracking them.

  3. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    15 Kislev 5776 (Nov 27, ‘15)

    The Satan is Trying To Take Control

    Mommy this week will bring many more new revelations. Some will be very confusing

    to most people and other things will just be very frightening. But for perceptive

    people it will show us that the Geula Sheleimah is imminent, very soon. With all of

    my excitement I am a little sad because this world that Hashem created is beautiful

    and so perfect and man with his Yetzer Hora, with the Satan, is trying to take control

    and destroy the world with their stupidity and with their evilness. This is Hashem’s

    world and the evil ones cannot do anything that Hashem does not agree to. So

    therefore If Hashem destroys most of this world and with it the Reshoim then we

    should understand and know and except that it’s all for the good.

    Even though in many ways it will be hard for us, also because of the fearful things

    that happen when two thirds of the world will be destroyed and also because we

    have become attached to this world. But never fear Hashem won’t leave us alone

    and miserable. He has built another world, a world that truly has been built a long

    time ago, ready for us to rise high enough spiritually in every way to be able to live,

    exist and grow in this new world that will soon become our home.

    Moving from one dimension to another in the world we inhabit now is a very difficult

    thing. Men have been trying to do it for quite a while without success. But when

    Moshiach Be’ezras Hashem has defeated our enemies and the evil ones are gone and

    good prevails and we are ready to move onto the next dimension it will be so easy we

    won’t even feel it. The transition from this world to a new dimension will be very

    smooth. And once we are in the new dimension we will grow and grow and grow

    spiritually and become closer and closer to Hashem. We will be happy we will be

    content but still striving to go higher in Avodas Hashem and to come closer and closer

    to the Ribbono Shel Olam always yearning to do His complete will.


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