Terror Fears as Iran Frees Al-Qaeda Members


al qaeda iranIran has released five senior al-Qaeda operatives from detention and will soon allow them to leave the country, prompting fears they will join other terrorists in Syria planning attacks on the West.

Three are members of al-Qaeda’s ruling Shura Council. They were released in exchange for an Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Yemen earlier this year.

Those released include Abu al Kheir al Masri, the former head of al-Qaeda’s “external relations” committee, who was once seen as a possible replacement for bin Laden.

Also released was Saif al Adel, considered no. 3 in the al-Qaeda hierarchy. “In the past, he headed up the organization’s military and security committees and served for years as its leading strategist,” an intelligence report said.

“As far as Western intelligence organizations are concerned, the release by Iran of senior al-Qaeda commanders and operatives represents a significant threat. These are dangerous and experienced operatives with a proven track record in executing deadly terror attacks.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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