TERROR: Two Wounded In Yerushalayim Attack; Terrorist Killed; Lev L’Achim Volunteer Miraculously Saved (Video, Photos) [Updated]

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TERROR[Multiple updates below.] Two people were lightly wounded Sunday evening in a stabbing in Yerushalayim and a Palestinian attacker was killed by police on the scene near the Shaar Revacha Supermarket.

One of the victims is 65 years old and was treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital.

Another 20-year-old was lightly wounded by a vehicle in the commotion that broke out after the attack.

Update: The terror attack took place in the neighborhood of Romema, not far from the Central Bus Station. Despite the proximity to the entrance to Yerushalayim, the surrounding streets are all open to traffic.

Update: A third person, an Israeli woman, was treated for shock after the attack.

UpdatePolice say the attack was likely a combined stabbing and car-ramming attack, Times of Israel reports. The stabber hit an Israeli with his vehicle, then “got out of his car with a knife, saw a police van, stabbed a volunteer in his hand and lightly injured him,” according to the police. The policemen then opened fire and killed the attacker.

Update: Matzav.com has learned exclusively that a Lev L’achim volunteer, Rabbi Malinowitz, was on his way to give a shiur to baalei teshuvah, when the aforementioned Palestinian terrorist ran up to him to knife him. Ina moment, twenty shots were fired and the attacker lay dead on the street. It was a miracle.



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  1. For a nation that honors death…and theybecome heroes. ..clapping and getting excited means nothing.They are happy being martyr s…so…..they are happy too…
    May we see the miracles again in hthe coming of Moshiach bimheira.

  2. #1, you’re probably confusing Lev L’achim with Yad L’achim. Lev L’achim has nothing to do with Arabs, it’s a Jewish kiruv organization, as mentioned, he was giving a shiur to baalei teshuva…..

  3. car was zooming on Yirmiyahu street trying to run over my 4 children ages 6-9-11-15.
    bechasdei Hashem the car’s side rubbed into this thin pole, causing a strong noise which alerted my kids, breaking the front window, blurring the vision of the driver giving my children seconds to run….
    15-6 year old ran into chetz chashmal and they called for help, 9 year old ran into lebovitz suits upstairs of chetz, 11 year old daughter ran by herself to ramat hatzafon, same direction as arab ran right behind, but again bechasdei Hashem he ran left and not right to her.
    so many NISSIM.


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