TERROR: One Dead, Ten Wounded in Yaffo Terror Attack

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Updates below: At least three, and possibly six, people have been wounded in a stabbing terror attack in Yaffo port, near Tel Aviv.

This is the third attack today in close succession, after a stabbing in Petach Tikva and a shooting in Yerushalayim.

Several of the victims have been taken to the hospital.

Initial reports stated that the terrorist has been “neutralized,” but police sources indicate that the attacker is not in custody and that two suspects may be at large.

Update: According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10, the attacker stabbed two people at the entrance to Yaffo port and then continued southward and began stabbing additional victims.

Update: Police say that approximately a dozen people were stabbed during today’s spree. One victim has succumbed to his wounds and died.

Update, 7:04 p.m. IL: Among the wounded, 4 are in seriously condition, 4 in moderate condition, and 1 in light condition. One victim, as mentioned, has passed away. The injured have been taken to area hospitals, including Ichilov and Wolfson.

Update, 7:17 p.m. IL: The casualty is said to be a Russian tourist. His wife, who was also stabbed, is in critical condition.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



  1. And yet with all these attacks we in the U S.go about our lives as usual, with all our petty hang ups and “needs” as if nothing is wrong. What is wrong with us?! Do we believe in the concept of achainu Kol bais yisrael?

    • Hashem is screaming tragedies at us Rachmana ltzlan to finally wake up and do TESHUVA. I’m totally with you BUT if we don’t do our part which is TESHUVA how can we ever expect it to stop C”V?

      If a person does not take the medicine prescribed by his doctor how does he expect to ever recover from his sickness? and the doctor has no reason to feel bad for her has done his job.

  2. …anyone thinking what I’m thinking? MEIR KAHANE….. YES, kick them ALL out…. round them up and get them all out. They are uncivilized beasts…. HASHEM YERACHEIM

  3. Why haven’t we heard any condemnation from Hillary’s Vice Presidential pick, the great “friend” of Israel, Cory Booker???


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