Terror Stabbing in Yerushalayim Leaves Security Guard in Critical Condition

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A 25-year-old security guard at the central bus station in Yerushalayim was stabbed this afternoon near the entrance of the station.

Paramedics who rushed to the scene treated the stab victim, whose condition is defined as serious. He was taken to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center.

The terrorist fled along Rechov Yaffo.

A civilian who noticed the assailant fleeing ran after him, along with a policeman who was nearby, and together they were able to capture him.

The terrorist, 24-year-old Yassin Abu a-Quarat of the West Bank who was in Israel on a work permit, was arrested and brought in for interrogation.

Dr. Ofer Marin, director of the trauma unit at Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, told reporters that the knife reached the victim’s heart but that, boruch Hashem, his condition has stabilized somewhat, though his life is still in danger.

Please daven for Asher ben Tamar.

Mayor Nir Barkat released a statement following the attack, stating, “The enemies of Israel do not need excuses to harm us, so there is no justification and legitimacy for violence and terrorism. The answer to terrorism is the reinforcement of sovereignty, development and construction in all parts of unified Jerusalem. And therefore the citizens must continue to be vigilant and update the security forces as necessary in order to thwart any further attempt. We all wish full recovery and pray for the speedy recovery of the injured person.”

{Matzav Israel Newscenter}


  1. Mr. Barkat, You are wrong. To stop terrorism, you should of shot that filthy dog dead! Why is he alive??? What do you mean he was apprehended??? These terrorists know that they are protected by the evil leftist judges in the corrupt state of israel! If they knew that, they commit an act of terror, that means certain death by a hail of bullets to the head, terrorism will stop. The leftist system is broken.

  2. Terrorist in custody to be released with their next prisoner swap or after sharp public criticism. And of course, the self-appointed high court of injustice would not permit destroying his home as it’s too painful for terrorists and their families.

  3. “The terrorist, 24-year-old Yassin Abu a-Quarat of the West Bank who was in Israel on a work permit” – how idiotic: employing our enemies, the Arabs, not just the fifth column Israeli citizens Arabs, but importing the non citizens Arabs. Are a few shekels saved on the cheaper Arab labor worth more than the Jewish blood?


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