Texas AG Paxton: Election Lawsuit A Bid To Protect Integrity, Constitution

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says his lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court against the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is a bid to protect election integrity and abide by the Constitution.

“If other states don’t follow the Constitution and if their state legislature isn’t responsible for overseeing their elections … it affects my state,” Paxton told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night. “Our job is to make sure the Constitution is followed and that every vote counts, and in this case, I’m not sure every vote was counted. Not in the right way.”

In Paxton’s lawsuit, the attorney general claims the four states exploited the coronavirus pandemic to justify ignoring election laws and unlawfully enacted last-minute changes that skewed the election results. The lawsuit also claims that most of the quick decisions that were made by local officials had not been approved by state legislatures and circumvented the Constitution.

The states have until Thursday to respond to the lawsuit.

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  1. No, his lawsuit is not “a bid to protect election integrity and abide by the Constitution”. It is a bid to overturn an election, ignore the will of the voters and overturn the Constitution.


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