Texas Woman Dies From COVID-19 While On Flight

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A Texas woman died from COVID-19 while on a flight from Arizona, officials announced this week.

The unidentified Garland woman in her 30s began to have difficulty breathing while on the tarmac awaiting takeoff on July 25, news station WFAA reported.

The woman, who had underlying health issues, was administered oxygen but ultimately died on the jetway, the outlet reported.

Read more at NY Post.



    • Interesting, with all the smashing covid deaths, they have yet to prove a single case of anyone that died of covid. In the articles you can find the truth. And if they’re covering it up just to boast that it was covid, anyone in the family, friends or neighbors would tell you the truth – or they were killed in the hospital. Yes, murder in hospitals are still going on worldwide, including Israel.

  1. Covid-19 is a terminology of sickness. What did she die from? Most likely the mask she idiotically wore for more than 3 minutes instead of holding a straw in her mouth to make believe she’s drinking. It’s legal.

  2. Hey, I just noticed “The woman, who had underlying health issues”. Which means, she did NOT die from Covid-19. I knew it, because nobody dies from this bogus virus. They all had underlying health issues or got the flu shot.

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