Thank You, Matzav

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matzav_networkDear Editor,

I’m very impressed by your site. It shows a lot of moderation and class, with no vituperation or sordid goals.

It stands well above the herd, and is hidur-Torah and quite an achievement.

Yeyashru kokhachem.

C. Brand

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  1. I would like to add to that that I learn all my GOP republican politics from Matzav and never once did I actually think that a democrat was that important. Except that I pray to Hashem and not the god of Matzav and thus I see Trust in Hashem as a better force than worrying about the GOP primer of time.

  2. 100%. I saw this moments after I was thinking that I should stop visiting websites that make it looks like a mitzvah to publicize everytime a frum person takes his frumkeit too far. Visiting this website increases their traffic and this helps them sell their advertising. I do not want to help them sell advertising since I think they make a tremendous Chillul Hashem (which they think is a Kiddush Hashem).

    Kol Hakavod – keep up the good work.

  3. Almost everyone here has zero self serving interests whatsoever in what they write,quite the opposite.

    Pure L’shem shmayim

    Some have made nefarious claims that the comments have been too strong
    (A sign,horror of horrors, that they sense to their dismay,the “ less cultured” are defeating and destroying them at their game )

    Pure L’shem shmayim

    On the other hand,
    all those who prefer to exist for self interests(or worse ) under all so high falutin’ disguises, there are plenty of sites devoted to the destruction of our most holy aspirations suiting them ,that use the most vociferous
    language against the good jews without letup for months and months

  4. Other than getting my comments cut off once in a while and having to see biased Right wing complaints, I think that Matzav is a very ample way to get some news from the Torah community. Honestly, you really do not need to cut our comments off, do you?


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