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fallen-officers-honored-and-remembered-in-ocean-countyDear Editor,

This is just a note of thanks. I attended the fallen officers memorial on Friday at the Ocean County, NJ Police Academy. As one with several family members in law enforcement – my parents now retired and a son and sister currently serving, and a brother-in-law whose watch ended 13 years ago at the hands of a murderer – I have attended many cermonies and memorials. Last night, I “Googled” the memorial service and clicked on your site. The photographs and video are beautiful. Your photographer and videographer tastefully portray the event.

I noticed that the site notes that you bring news of the Jewish World. Although I live in a community near Lakewood, I would have no reason to ever actually view this site. Last night, I did read several articles. You are not just addressing topics specific to one area, but covering news that is relevant to all.

I know that I will again click on the site. I would describe myself as a news “addict”, having been a beat reporter and editor of a weekly at one time. I currently work with special needs high school students and do PR for several organizations in my community as well as serve as photographer for my local fire company and EMS. My kudos to you not only come from the heart, but from experience.

Thank you for covering this worthy event and thank you to your staff for a job well done.

Kim Welsh

{ Newscenter}


  1. this just shows how you have to be so careful how you comment bec you never know who is reading!!!!!!!!!


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