Thankfully, 5-Cent Plastic Bag Fee Slated to be Postponed

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The New York State Assembly announced Friday afternoon that it will pass a bill to delay the implementation of a 5-cent plastic bag fee in the city, NY1 reports. The state legislature is set to postpone the implementation of a 5-cent bag fee that was scheduled to take effect on February 15.

The delay will be for one year, clearing the way for more public hearings on what has turned into a contentious issue.

The state has the jurisdiction to supercede the city on the issue. The delay technically avoids the appearance of the largely-Democratic state Assembly officially overturning the will of the Council. Leading the charge against the fee is state Senator Simcha Felder, the Brooklyn Democrat who caucuses with the Republicans. He says the fee amounts to a regressive tax. Read more at NY1.



  1. simcha, you are really one of a kind! i saw the video clip where you were appealing to De Blasio with words that most politicians would be afraid to use. and De Blasio was just sitting there with a blank look on his face. he is such a disgrace. how did he ever become mayor? i think it’s because he had no one running against him. kol hakovod, simcha!


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