Thanks to Advocacy Efforts, Jewish Schools Reaping Hundreds of Millions in US Government Money

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rebbi-classroomTax credit programs are among the growing number of ways that private Jewish day schools and yeshivos across the US are corralling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars annually. The money is helping to defray operating costs, provide teacher training, assist students with tuition bills and enhance educational offerings.

A decade ago, few Jewish schools were aggressive about pursuing federal and state funding. But as day school tuition rates have climbed, outpacing inflation and the ability of recession-weary parents to pay, schools have become much more effective not only at accessing government money but in lobbying state government for more.

Agudas Yisroel of America long has taken the lead in lobbying for government aid for Jewish schools. Two years ago it was joined by the Orthodox Union, which began hiring political directors in a half-dozen states to organize Jewish schools and lobby legislators.

Read a full report on this advocacy here.



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