Thanks to Quarantine, Man Discovers That He’s a Levi



  1. Actually, I’ve heard that we dont necessarily go by whats written on a grave stone. Especially if you did not have a mesorah to that effect. You should ask shailos from Gedolei POskim.

  2. Thanks to quarantine a shidduch in Bnei Brak was made with a neighbor when a parent observed the daily derhoibene davening on a porch of a bochur.

  3. Thanks to quarantine and the porch minyonim I got to know some of my neighbors. This is not a joke. I also learned some nuschyos of other chasidisha sects.

  4. Thanks to quarantine there have been ZERO fights about aliyos, ZERO pressure to make large mi shi’beirach donations, ZERO rush to finish davenning, . . .

  5. Beautiful! Very well written story! Always count count on for their works of literary genius

  6. you know, Rosenthal is not an uncommon Jewish name, so How can you be so sure that its your great grandfather’s grave? Don’t you think you’d know if your a Levi?! The family member who had the matzava made obviously knew. Unless there is some seriously unsettled times- which we are not, a detail like the such doesn’t get forgotten in less than a mere eighty years. Just my opinion; who agrees?


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