That question you always wanted answered? Ask the Rabbi LIVE this Tisha B’Av!

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Ohr Naava is gearing up for a Tisha B’Av as you’ve never experienced it before!

Beyond just a Tisha B’Av video, Just1Brick by Ohr Naava features a complete immersive full-day Tisha B’Av experience, with Eicha, Kinnos, and a lineup of the Jewish world’s leading speakers to elevate your day.

Glean practical wisdom about building your personal Mikdash, watch the great Chinuch debate between Rabbi Yaakov Bender and Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, and so much more.

The program will culminate in an exclusive LIVE Ask the Rabbi session, featuring Ohr Naava’s very own Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein together with Rabbi Yossi Bensoussan, and Rabbi Ari Bensoussan.

At Ohr Naava events, Ask the Rabbi has often been an all-nighter highlight, as the targeted answered covered pressing concerns, cleared up misconceptions, and shed new perspectives on common issues.

If you’d like to be featured live and present your question to our rabbis on Just1Brick, please email your question to [email protected].

And of course – if you haven’t yet signed up for your most inspiring Tisha B’Av yet – click here to register.

Don’t miss the chance to join from your home as we learn and grow together!


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