The 2 Biggest Losers In The Healthcare Debacle

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Now that the “Trump-Ryan Care” bill has failed, there’s no shortage of blame going around Washington.

President Trump blames the Democrats, his staffers blame the Freedom Caucus, and as usual, the media blames everything and everyone with an “R” in its name.

Undoubtedly though, the two biggest losers are…

President Obama
The American people

President Obama

Obamacare, the “Unaffordable Care Act”, is a complete trainwreck, an abysmal failure, just as we expected it to be. Even the Democrats concede it needs massive reform. (Which makes it even more shocking that they refused to partake in these negotiations.)

Had this bill passed, it would have been the best thing that ever happened to Obama. Instead of his signature legislation becoming the biggest disaster in history, it would have been shelved, and Obama would have been spared the agony and humiliation of his “transformative” healthcare system undergoing a complete collapse.

Now his law will stay in effect, and he is the sole owner. As time goes on, and our healthcare system crumbles under its own weight, Obama’s legacy will only become more and more diminished.

The American People

As often happens in politics, when politicians cannot come to a consensus, WE get thrown under the bus. We are now stuck with a law that is crushing our families, a law that almost nobody wanted in the first place.

The good news? President Trump says that once the system “explodes”, he will revisit his promise to “repeal and replace.” So it seems that the faster the healthcare system collapses, the better off we are.

Although as we’ve learned, things don’t always go as planned.


  1. Amazing trump and his team put up NO fight! They just accepted the decision. he could of gone on TV radio etc and made his claim. Nothing. There is something wrong.

  2. This is nonsense. The reason Obamacare isn’t being replaced is because with all it’s many problems and downsides no one has a better alternative. And unlike most t entitlement programs it is the middle class not the unemployed who stand the most to gain from it


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