The Bobover Rebbe’s Promise Comes True – 12 Years Later

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bobover-rebbeYosef Feffer of Etrog News reports that Bobover Chassidim who participated yesterday in the simchas eirusin of the daughter of the rov of the kehillah, Rav Yehoshua Rubin, Av Beis Din of Bobov, were amazed to hear an astounding story about Rav Shlomo of Bobov zt”l who, some twelve years ago, apparently saw that the current shidduch would take place.

The chosson is a son of Rav Yosef Ernster, rov of the Alexander kehillah in the United States, son of Rav Yisroel Ernster, the son of Rav Moshe, the son-in-law of the Imrei Chaim of Vizhnitz.

 The simcha was attended by rabbonim, grandparents, uncles, and mechutanim.

At the end of the simcha, the chassidim were surprised to hear an interesting fact, which moved all the participants. During the drasha given by the chosson‘s father, Rav Yosef Ernstar, he said that the zaida, Rav Shlomo of Bobov, predicted that this shidduch will take place twelve years later.

Rav Yehoshua Rubin
Rav Yehoshua Rubin

In 5758/1998, when Rav Yosef Unger, a son of Rav Mordechai Dovid Ungar of Bobov, made a vachnacht for his son, the grandfather, Rav Shlomo of Bobov came. The mechutan, Rav Yosef Ernster, and his son, the chosson, then age seven, also came to participate in the simcha, as they were brothers-in-law (both are sons-in-law of Rav Rabbi Shamai Lau).

After the simcha, the participants came to be bentched by the Rav Shlomo of Bobov, but when it was the turn of the present chosson, the Rebbe bentched him and said to him: “Bai dein chasunah vell ich zein – At your wedding I will attend.” Now, this came to fruition, as this child will now become his great-grandchild – twelve years later.

As noted, the chosson’s father told the story and said that he was a witness to it. This caused much excitement among those present who are familiar with the fact that the seforim hakedoshim say that the neshamos of forbears come down to share in the simchos of their descendants. The zaida, Rav Shlomo, predicted twelve years ago that he would come down from Gan Eden to participate in the simcha of this chosson, his new ainikel.

{Dovid  Newscenter/Etrog News}


  1. This story strenghened my emuna as well as being a comfort for me as I lost my mother and I felt it would be a bittersweet event when my chidren get married.Now I know that she’ll be there!

  2. Give me a break. Never, ever, in the nearly 70 years that Reb Shloma was Bobover Rov did anyone hear such a statement from him regarding the future. He was such a normal person. Now, that they did a shidduch with 45th Street, suddenly a Mofais. The shidduch happens to be a great one. The Mofais…..

  3. what a beautiful ferry tale & it sound almost as true as the tooth ferry. now all you out ther have the right not to beleive all of this nonsense & it will make you on Apikoras.

  4. It is known that the only person that Rebbe Shlomo went to the chassineh was either his einikle or an orphan. It didn’t bother him all these years what the Rebbes statement meant? (He should live and be well till 120.)

  5. Maaseh is interesting. This morning I asked Rav Yosef Ernsters (Mechutan who told story) brothers and his father, they had never heard the story before. Would’nt a person hearing such words have repeated them to his father and kin? Story fishy.

  6. In Europe, before the war,there was a ryhme

    Ah muhl iz geven ah maaseh
    ah kee ah veiseh
    Ah sheps ah roiteh
    Dee bist a shoita

    Basically saying how these types of stories are fantasy and only a maaseh.

  7. Speaking of the Bobover Rov’s promises, we have a mesorah that Reb Shloimele said to his Rebbitzin (NOT Reb Naftulchi’s mother) at their chasunah, “dein zin vet zein de Rebbe”.

    Vehameivin yavin.

  8. Einstein, why did he only say it to the mother & not make his wishes more public??? would have prevented a lot of aggravation.

    Ah kee ah veise….

  9. I feel that even I am a real Bobover,I must write the truth, that I just heard this morning in beis hamedrash on 48St. from a Bobover bocher that the choson himself did repeatedly (long before the shidduch) tell him and his friends in the their yeshiva that the old Bobover Rebbe Ztl told him as young boy, that he will come to his wedding.

  10. This story wasn’t told by a “bal chaloimos” or a liar, but by a known ehlicher talmid chochom who would be stupid and foolish to “think” up a story. He told this in front of a few hundred people, and that he himself heard how the Bobover Rov Reb Shloime said to this boy “bei dein chasunah vell ich zein”. So what is the question here, if the Bobover Rov could have said it? We have heard bigger mofsim from him then this. either way shame on you.

    Yesh din veyesh dayen. Go to New Jersey to ask mechila and then go to the baal simcha and also ask him for forgiveness.

  11. #9 Albert; if the Bobover Rebbe Reb Shloime did say to his second wife that “her” son will be rebbe, then how come they didn’t make RB”Z rebbe instead of Reb Naftulche? Can you please answer this shtarkeh kasheh? Why didn’t the Dayan come out, that we need to do the “rootzen rebeini”? The question is even stronger, how come; did Reb Naftulche allow himself to become rebbe?

    What people did hear him say is that “zi hut mir shtark gemitchet, uber ich hub ihr KEINMUL nisht tzigezoogt”. That makes much more sense for someone who was considered the Chakimeh DeYehiduah, then to think that he would have gone against mentchlichket and the halacha.

  12. The Bobover Rebbe R’ Shloimele ZT”L had many chassidim who were dear to him. Yet, he had stopped attending weddings outside of family or yesomim. When my wife was quite a small girl, she had an injury to her legs, and was hospitalized for several weeks. When her father took her to the Rebbe, he gave her his brocho, and stated that he will dance at her chasunah. Being family, the Rebbe attended, and was also mesader kiddushin. He did indeed dance at her wedding, and there is ample photographic evidence to prove it. That statement by the Rebbe was known by the family and a few gabo’im, long before the shidduch. My wife remembered it as well. The fairy tales to which some commenters wish to attribute this story are shameful expressions that reflect poor emunas chachomim.


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