The Bombs Biden is Sending to Ukraine Are Banned by 120+ Countries

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As reported earlier on, President Joe Biden has reportedly approved sending U.S. cluster munitions to Ukraine. The bombs are designed to explode in the air and release smaller submunitions over a large area.

But here’s the catch: More than 120 countries have joined a convention banning the use of these very cluster bombs because of their high failure rates, leaving territories scattered with unexploded ordnance that can in turn pose a risk to civilians and friendly troops for decades after a conflict has ended.

Ukraine, Russia, and the U.S. have not signed up to the convention—with Russia already accused of using cluster munitions in Ukraine.

Supplying Kyiv with the weapons will also bypass a law in the U.S. preventing the production, use, or transfer of cluster munitions known to have a failure rate higher than 1 percent. Read more. 


  1. And ? We haven’t signed on as Russia hasn’t either and has used them Let the Ukraine do why’s it needs to end Russia’s aggression.

  2. Joe Biden is continually showing signs of dementia.
    The other day he said he wants to put up a shade to block the sun so the Earth doesn’t get over heated. Say good-bye to your solar panels!
    He urges everyone to get electric cars. The production of nickel and other elements used to make the lithium batteries is almost completely controlled by the Chinese. This would put our transportation totally under the control of China.

    This puts delusional Trump who went OCD when he lost the election vs demented Biden in the next election. What a choice!

  3. As noted neither Russia, Ukraine, or the USA are signatories of said agreement.
    Moreover, the fields of Ukraine are littered with UXO including anti personnel mines so this change is not likely to cause more of an impact to civilian life. These areas of Ukraine will need to be demined and cleared of all UXO, before civilian life can properly resume.
    There are areas of France that are still being cleared of UXO from WW1

  4. Yep, this evil Biden regime wants to keep this illicit war going on and on and escalating it more and more until one of the sides — or both of the sides — detonates a nuclear device and ignites full nuclear Armageddon annihilation, Rachmana Litzlan


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