The Bonei Olam Million Dollar Question- Can We Say No?



Bouncing Back from Covid-19 Period, Supporters Launch Vital Response Campaign


In the two decades since its founding, Bonei Olam has continually said “yes” tens of thousands of times, helping, guiding, supporting and advising.


In a world where time stops for no one, couples who are faced with the possibility of a childless future are broken in more ways than one. It is imperative that they begin the necessary treatments once conclusions have been drawn about their medical condition. Of great importance is the atmosphere surrounding the couple, and positive, hopeful thoughts might be difficult to come by when weighed down by financial worries and other concerns.


Rabbi Shlomo Bochner created Bonei Olam not just to be a service organization, but to accompany each and every couple through the entire process and alleviate so much of the couple’s burden by sharing it with them.


Bonei Olam has played this unbelievable role to the tune of 8,700 babies.


But the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted Bonei Olam’s ability to garner the funds needed for its life-changing services. Regular fundraisers and donor visits that had formerly sustained Bonei Olam were halted.


But the organization’s services were not. Not even for a day.


Because Bonei Olam doesn’t take a day off when Klal Yisroel needs it. It’s always there for others, no matter the time or period.

As a result of the recent global events, Bonei Olam is several months behind in funding and in desperate need of assistance. Hundreds of couples are waiting for help, which can only be provided if people step up and be there for Bonei Olam.


Bonei Olam’s supporters have thus launched an emergency national response undertaking to raise the funds and will be running a global Charidy fundraising campaign next Monday and Tuesday, July 6-7. This fundraising effort is crucial for Bonei Olam’s very survival.


Let us demonstrate that just as Bonei Olam has always been there for anyone in need, Klal Yisroel will be there for this world-class organization at this important juncture to enable it to continue creating miracles.

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