The Bowick Family Fund



This past Friday, five young children suddenly lost their father. Henech Bowick was a longtime member of the Detroit Jewish community and was known to all as a kind, gentle soul and a loving father. His tragic passing has created a tremendous void that can not be filled.

As you can imagine, this is a devastating loss for his children. Devorah (14), Brochie (13), Leah (12), Avremi (10), and Mendy (8) will spend the rest of their childhood and formative years without a father at their side.

In the wake of this tragedy, you have the opportunity to support the grieving family. 

As the Bowick children grow up, expenses will continue to arise. And while there will naturally be challenges, financial welfare does not have to be one of them.

This is why a tax-deductible fund has been created to receive donations from caring people like you. All contributions will go directly to the Bowick children, to ensure their safety and well-being through the years to come. Please open your hearts to this special cause.

Will you contribute?

There will be an oversight committee led by Mr. Yochanan Polter, that has been assembled to be responsible for all the funds raised during this campaign. A wealth manager will be hired to manage and allocate funds appropriately.

Oversight Committee

Dr. David & Leah Ungar

Dr. Jack & Gail Schwartz

Dr. Larry & Dora Kurz

Mr. Yochenon Polter

Mr. Alan Zekelman

Rabbi Levi Gordon

Rabbi Meir Simcha Bakst

Rabbi Sander Babayov

Rabbi Yechiel Polter

Donations are tax deductible via Congregation Ahavas Yisroel, a qualified 501(c)(3).

Please donate and share.

Your generosity is immensely appreciated.


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