The Danger of ‘Purim’ Fireworks and Explosives

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< would like to remind all readers of the dangers of dangerous fireworks and explosives often purchased by children and teens before Purim. To accentuate just how dangerous they can be, note that last year, a frum boy lost five fingers after playing with Purim firecracker. The 14-year-old boy was injured after a Purim firecracker he was holding exploded, tearing five fingers off his hand and launching shrapnel into his face.

An MDA team evacuated the youth to the Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva.

The boy told the medical crew that the firecracker went off during an attempt to increase its force.

A photo of a real firecracker injury. Venishmartem me'od lenafshoseichem.
A photo of a real firecracker injury. Venishmartem me'od lenafshoseichem.

Following the incident, MDA Director-General Eli Bin called upon parents to prevent their children from purchasing dangerous explosives that could cause severe handicaps such as that day’s incident, “or even worse.”

Also last year, a serrated plastic wheel from a gragger that was handed out to children in a nursery school seriously endangered a three-year-old, who was saved by a gastroscopy under general anesthesia at Kaplan Medical Center in Rechovot, Israel.

Parents should pay attention to all small objects within their children’s reach, especially around Purim. They can enter not only the esophagus, but also the trachea and choke the child.

Child safety experts note that toys that have parts as small as a penny should not be within the reach of children under age four.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. although i find the picture quite nasty and disgusting, maybe they should show the picture to children/teens to scare them a little and show them what can happen!!!

  2. Man, that was no fire cracker, that was a hand grenade. I’ve had a common 1 1/2″ fire cracker (you know the red and blue kind that come in packs of twenty with the fuses all tied together) go off in my hand. It didn’t feel good but didn’t cause any damage except a little burn.

  3. #10, please don’t compare fake jumping jacks to real jumping jacks and more dangerous stuff. You have now justified Matzavs picture for me (its still quite horrible to me)

  4. Thank you Riboni Shel Olam for saving me from this damage !!! Oy v’voy… It could have been me when I was a young bachur. It hurt and I was numb for a few days but my skin stayed on. Learn from this picture. It could happen.

  5. To all those who are ‘grossed out’- sometimes nausea is a good scare tactic. Sometimes it’s necessary to scare people with horiffic graphics. And what about the kids that read this site? Punk fakert- they need to see this grotesque picture the most.
    A freilechen and safe Purim to all!

    P.S- Don’t forget to say Perek 22 of Tehillim on Tanis Ester. It’s supposed to be said 3 times. May all our Tefillos be answered l’Tova, amen:)

  6. Show it to the kids who think fireworks have anything to do with a day that has the kedusha of Yom Kippur! I showed it to mine. I think they’ll remember now!! I also made them watch Dr. Mond’s video. Introduce them to reality and have them enjoy the kedusha of the day at home with you! A Freilichen, safe Purim to all!

  7. Yes, this is a horrible picture. It makes me feel more than a little sick to my stomach. But…if it keeps one kid from permanently crippling himself, it’s worth it. Most teenagers have no concept of risk, but this picture will bring it home to them in a very real way.

    Another timely warning would be about being careful during burning chometz before Pesach. Keep children away from the fire. Don’t put anything except chometz in (especially flammable stuff, like kerosene.

    We should all have a happy and safe Purim.

  8. Matzav please dont go to such lengths to scare people into doing whats right. This picture picture might do the trick for what you intended, but is harmful in other ways.
    2 wrongs dont make one right.

  9. I don’t mean to sound repetitive to the other comments but I must say that I am surprised this picture made it up here. I am super impressed with this site and due to its high-quality appropriate stories, I am sure you have viewers of a wide range of ages. This is an important article but please take down this picture asap! I agree that it is very unprofessional. Imageine people who don’t know about Matzav getting on the site for the first time and seeing this picturel Yuck.

  10. Is Matzav out of their minds? Showing this picture is disgusting. maybe show car accidents with peoples legs and arms hanging?

    This is is pure disgusting.

  11. I think matzav did a great service by posting that pic.
    next they should show what happens to the insides of people who smoke. especially considering that so many guys start on Purim.


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