The Doctor Who Went to War for YOU

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Dr. Zev ben Leah Zelenko has been in the news since March. You saw his picture, watched his videos and read about his relentless war on the Covid-19 virus.

It was a relentless war but not one easily fought. Dr. Zelenko faced a lot of opposition in his fight to save lives. But he never second-guessed his decision to move forward, forging on with much courage and bravery. After all, saving lives and helping people has always been his priority. 

Dr. Zelenko left his comfort zone to help you, to help us and to help the wider community. In fact, he wanted to help an entire world taken hostage by a mystery pandemic.

There are many people who survived Covid-19 due to Dr. Zelenko’s protocol which became world renowned, despite political opposition.

It is time for payback. 

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You now have the opportunity to repay the selfless doctor for his immense effort and courage. Doctor Zelenko is now fighting for his own life, being the victim of a very rare and complicated recurring cancer. He is scheduled for a very intricate and complex surgery TODAY, which will surely with Hashem’s help put him on the long road to recovery.

However, the lengthy recovery will prevent him from returning to work for a few months and possibly much longer.

Dr. Zelenko, ZEV ben LEAH needs our tefillos urgently. This is something everyone can and should do for him right now. Please don’t move on to the next piece of news or advertisement before offering a heartfelt prayer for Zev ben Leah. Together we can make a difference and achieve results beyond the realm of nature.

Doctor Zelenko courageously left his comfort zone and you can leave yours right now and daven for him. Daven on your own or form a tehillim group. We have to invest our hearts and souls and make a difference. We cannot forget about him now. We will daven together for a complete and speedy recovery for Zev ben Leah.

To help Dr. Zelenko’s family weather this crisis financially, please visit and make a generous donation.

Donate Now


  1. Hakadosh Baruch Hu will surely repay him for the Kiddush Hashem he made and of course for the amount of lives that were saved because of him. But most of all for the endless efforts he invested in sticking to the truth and talking the truth. I really hope this charidy fundraising brings him the financial help he needs.

  2. Regarding the opposition to his Covid Refua protocol, at many of Matzav’s Covid story articles, I wrote a little parable. As I believe this parable pointedly expresses what is the whole Covid situation, it cannot be repeated too many times. So, B’Ezras Hashem, I will briefly write it here too.

    An old, good friend calls you and relates that he was one of many employees who were laid off in a company downsize. With no income for several months, he is completely out of money. He is now in your town and needs a place to stay for about three weeks while he finds a new job and will then get his own residence.

    So, wanting to do Tzedaka and Hachnossas Orchim, you happily invite him into your house and enjoy chatting about old times. However, his looking-for-a-job is not occurring. He refuses to to even look at the local newspaper’s “Help Wanted” ads.

    You excitedly inform him of a business that just opened and that several of your friends got great jobs there. He though, claims that, that company is not a good one. You though insist that he should at least check it out. So, he does go there but is very rude to the Personal counselor who tries to interview him.

    By now, it is long, long past the “three weeks” that he initially requested; it is more like THREE MONTHS!! Throughout this time, he is hogging your computer and your phone — for leisure — and eating up all your food. As he rarely goes out, you must stay with him and cannot even go to take care of your own business.

    Then, he reveals that his former company is opening a branch in your town and making him the manager. It is THIS prestigious position of branch office manager (and not some “little” job) that is his goal, and until that occurs, which will not be for at least another half a year, he is not budging from your house!!

    Already at this point, it is more than glaringly clear that, all along, your so-called “friend” never intended to look for any job. This “promise” of this classy-branch-office-manager-thingy may interest HIM, but it most certainly does not interest YOU!! For it is obvious that he does not care a hoot about you, but, instead, is trying to suck you out dry.

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  3. (B’Ezras Hashem, Continuation of story)

    This is the Moshel – the parable; now here is the Nimshal – what the parable is referring to:

    We were all told that there is this new gravely dangerous virus, called “Coronavirus” that “somehow” seeped out of a meat market in the Wuhan section of China. It is severely contagious, and a person carrying it will not even know that he is carrying it — and further spreading it — until a couple of weeks later when the illness starts coming out in him. The disease, called “Covid-19,” is quite deadly, with each day bringing reports of increasing numbers of deaths, Lo Alaynu.

    As the epidemic, now a pandemic, spread devastation through countries of Europe and, sooner than later reached our American shores, our governments “took action.” To try to stop the virus from spreading even further, they declared that people must not be near each other! Yes, for three weeks, do not gather together; do not even go out! “Stay in Place!” “Lockdown!”

    We cannot repeat it enough that we all well remember how, in response, we all readily and happily agreed to this. All our Gedolay Torah leaders emphatically instructed us that, as we well know, our Torah HaK’dosha clearly declares that we absolutely must avoid any possible threat to human life.

    (Im Yirtza Hashem, to be continued)

  4. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my above story)

    As we were gladly locking ourselves down though, many items emerged that strongly indicated that something about this picture was very much “not right.”

    We were being told that there was no known cure or treatment for this disease; therefore, the ONLY defense that we had against it were the bizarre Lockdowns and Social Distancing. However, numerous sources more and more reported about that in the realm of Natural Healing Medicine, there absolutely ARE — very many — treatments and even cures for the disease. However, like our bad friend in the parable who ignored the newspaper’s “Help Wanted” ads, the government announcements and the (so-called) “mainstream” media NEVER SAID A WORD about any of the natural cures.

    Numerous further reports of a cure came out about a very old pharmaceutical medication, called “Hydroxychloroquine.” It was originally made for Malaria, and now, very extensive clinical experience (including the wonderful work by Dr. Zelenko) showed that, when taken together with the natural mineral Zinc, it has BRILLIANT SUCCESS against the Covid-19 virus; it also has almost no bad side effects. However, like our bad friend in the parable, who out of hand dismissed any idea of a job with the new business, Anthony Fauci and his clique adamantly dismissed any use of Hydroxychloroquine. Their governor friends of several states strictly prohibited it and ordered the arrest of any doctor who proscribed it.

    Our bad friend in the parable gave what were obviously lame excuses against the new good business; similarly, Saint Anthony Fauci & Co. gave what were obviously lame excuses for their vendetta against Hydroxychloroquine.

    [They stated that it had been developed and FDA approved only for MALARIA; since it was never researched and tested for this completely new Covid-19 thing, with it not having any legal approval here, to use it here is a serious crime. THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE!! For it is common practice — in the Modern Medical (so-called) Establishment — that when a medicine is developed and FDA approved for a certain condition, and then, doctors notice that it also helps a different condition, they will use it to also treat that other condition. And they DO NOT NEED any new FDA “Hechsher” to do that!!]

  5. (B’Ezras Hashem, continuation of my above story)
    Our bad friend in the parable had said that he needed just THREE WEEKS to stay at your house while he would find a new job. Yet, with all his continual refusals to respond to numerous good job opportunities, his stay dragged on for quite a lot, lot, lot more than three weeks!! He is sucking you out of all your resources — with no end in sight.

    Then, he reveals to you that the ONLY “job” that he is will be set for is that of this “Branch Office Manager,” which is a good bit more in time down the pike. Understandably, you do not care about this off-in-the-future exalted manager position of his. What you care about is that, RIGHT NOW, he should please get a job so that, RIGHT NOW, he can please get out of your house!!

    Similarly, our “friends” in the various levels of the governments had said that for just THREE WEEKS we needed to “lockdown” in order to stop the spread of the disease. Yet, with all their continual refusals to acknowledge and utilize numerous good treatments & cures, the illness crises and the lockdowns dragged on for quite a lot, lot, lot more than three weeks!! They sucked countless people out of all their resources, destroyed countless businesses, and severely harmed countless people’s health — with no end in sight. (It was only with the repeated heavy insistence of President Trump along with the massively growing number of strong protests against the tyranny that, Boruch Hashem, the lockdowns began to be backed down.)

    Through all this, the clique of Saint Anthony Fauci & Co. revealed that the ONLY “real” cure for the disease will be when they discover and come out with the Covid-19 vaccine, which is a good bit more in time down the pike. Many times, Holy, Holy Sir William Henry “Bill” Gates III, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, bluntly declared that the full return to normal will come only with the vaccine.

    Understandably, you do not care about this off-in-the-future exalted “super cure” vaccine. What you care about is that, RIGHT NOW, people should be permitted to know about and receive the good available cures so that RIGHT NOW, Im Yirtza Hashem, people will get well, the crises with the lockdowns will be over, and human society will, again, be able to live.


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