The Dog At The Home Of Rav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz

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rav-michel-yehudah-lefkowitzWhile the dybbuk story has grabbed headlines and has been viewed and read tens of thousands of times on and other media outlets, another episode has garnered some attention.

A dog parked itself at the home of Rav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz in Bnei Brak this week, causing quite a tumult and drawing onlookers. The dog arrived on Wednesday and sat near the entrance of Rav Michel Yehudah’s home, preventing people from entering. Members of the family, who were not accustomed to the sight of a dog, were surprised and tried to expel the dog, but to no avail. The dog wouldn’t budge.

A dog in Bnei Brak is a rare sight in itself, but when it is parked at the entrance to the home of Rav Michel Yehudah Lefkowitz, it is that much greater of an attraction, and indeed it drew dozens who stood and watched the strange phenomenon.

When the time for Shacharis arrived yesterday, the dog moved away and allowed Rav Michel Yehudah to walk by without a problem. The same occurred upon Rav Michel Yehudah’s return after davening. During the rest of the time, the dog sat motionless in the doorway.

Several bochurim tried to tie a rope to the dog and drag it away, but the stubborn dog would not budge.

Yesterday afternoon, when Rav Michel Yehudah went out to give a shiur in the Ponovezh Yeshiva and relatives commented about the dog, he told them that it is Shovavim, a time for tikkun and teshuvah. With the dog still parked at his house, Rav Michel Yehudah stopped in his tracks for several moments and said some Tehillim and tefillos quietly.  What exactly Rav Michel Yehudah said we’ll never know, but immediately after he finished his davening, the black dog sat up and ran away.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. all he said was some tehilim and hashem please give this soul a tikun, and possibly was mekabel to do something as a zechus. you don’t need special tefilos, plain old tehlim and a tefila from the heart, work just as well.

  2. “What exactly Rav Michel Yehudah said we’ll never know”
    Why not just ask him? Give me his phone number, I’ll ask. R’ Michel Yehuda shlit”a will be happy to answer questions as long as there asked.
    Maybe’s EY corospondent can follow up?

  3. He may have invoked the pasuk “U’lchol bnai Yisroel lo yech’ratz kelev…”, which is a known ‘sgulah’ to get rid of dogs.

  4. We should move our minds away from thinking so much, about Magic and Kishuff.

    It says, that, this was what brought about the Eigel.

    The Yidden were so used to seeing Kishuff and magic in Mitzrayim and Eretz Knaan. So, when Moshe told them to stand far from the mountain and watch and listen, they looked at this whole episode of Matan Torah, with all its glory, as another magic(Kishuff) show, orchestrated by Moshe Rabeinu. And that was ultimately Moishe’s Limud Zchus on Yidden.

    We must move back to regular Yirat Shomaim.

  5. To # 1, 2, 3
    Please keep this story with a little more respect.
    You 3 people really understand to pizza & fres food & all kind of enjoyments. You have no right to comment on these kind of stories & not on this HOLLY TZADIK Rabbi Lefkowitz. May hashem give him long & healthy years.

  6. I heard from an odom choshuv who was walking with Rav Mordechai Schwab zl that a cat was following them. The whole way the cat is following the tzadik. Finally, the mashgiach zl turned around and said, “I already said Kaddish for you.” And the cat ran off.

  7. A similar story occured a few years ago when the tzibur returned to the Rachmastrivke Bais Medrash one Shabbos for Mincha and found a dog sitting in front of the Aron HaKodesh. All efforts to chase the dog out were to no avail.

    The Rebbe walked in and whispered in the dog’s ear that he will daven for his neshama to have an aliya. Immediately, the dog got up and left while an amazed crowd looked on in astonishment.

    May these supernatural occurences serve to wake us from our slumber and realize that there is a World to Come and alot we will must fix before we will merit to be accepted therein.

  8. #7, sorry you see disrespect in my comment, but it’s more respectful to say the rov davened, than to say the rov did some tricks. why do you underestimate a kapital tehilim by the rov? is there not enough kedusha in that for you?

  9. Maybe this dog was at other houses too. Also, Rav Michoel Yehudah probably said tehillim because he was getting annoyed by all the bittul torah that the dog was causing.

  10. In Gateshead yeshiva when Rav Leib Gurvitz was Rosh yeshiva, there was a cat in the building of the yeshiva that refused to leave. It apparently spent several days in the bais hamedrash as well. Bochurim were tumuling and wondering maybe it is a gilgul. Rav Leib Gurvits responded” efsher iz es a katz” ( maybe its just a cat) .

  11. I hesitatingly wish to relate that there was a similar incident at R’Avigdor Miller’s zt”l’s shul several years ago.There was a dog who appeared nightly.It stubbornly stayed, refusing to leave.Finally,R’ Avigdor told it gently:”It’s too late- You had your chance.Now please leave”. There’s no question this provides “food for thought” for each of us…

  12. Perhaps the dog was just hungry, and thought that at the home of such a Tzaddik they might take rachmanus on it and feed it?

    A better explanation – everyone else was afraid of the dog, and dogs can sense when someone is afraid of them. The Rav was not afraid of the dog, so it moved aside for him, and ran away when he spoke to it.

  13. perhaps this story never happened, we all know the satmar rov (i know this sounds terribly oxymoronic, but you get the point) stated that if you believe every story you here your a fool, but you also have to know that it “could” of happened.

  14. I will tell you who the dog was. It was me. I used to be a talking fish in New Square and came back as this dog. Take it from a fish, 4legs are better then 4 fins.

  15. For the first time I entred Tel Aviv visiting a choleh of Israel. I noticed many sorts of people who could only be compared to demons and interesting creepy crawlys, at one point fear enterd my heart. So I prayed to the Almighty that no harm should come my way and it did not. My friends and brothers we are living at the crux the end, all Hashem our father wants from us is pray sincerely to Him, quite simple isn’t it.


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