The Economic Cost Of The Shutdown Will Soon Be The Cost Of The Wall

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If the partial government shutdown continues for another two weeks, the economic cost will be equivalent to the amount President Donald Trump wants for his border wall, according to an analysis from S&P Global Ratings.

The US economy lost $3.6 billion by the end of the day on Friday because of the government shutdown, according to the report.

As of Saturday, the current partial shutdown is now the longest in US history. If the impasse continues for another two weeks — and it very well might — the US economy would be out $5.7 billion, the amount the White House is demanding for the border wall.

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  1. the headline says it all – the DemocRATS should have at least negotiated with the President not to shut down the gov’t and not lose all this money. all the business people and consumers that lost this money can blaim the DemocRATS for trying to “protect” the ILLEGALS from being deported back to their countries and make American Citizens lose all this money

    Thank you Pelosi & Schumer – they’ll remember you in the next election and turn you into a regular citizen

  2. If anything, the less gubmit spends on “non essential services” the better. In fact, none of us, regular taxpayers unaffiliated with government goldmines, is lacking anything throughout these weeks of “government shutdown”. Why not save taxpayer money, and fire all these “non essential personnel” altogether. Build the wall, and cut government in half!


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