The Enduring Words of Maran Rav Shach and the Conversion Situation


rav-shachBy A.Y.M.

Recently, shocking reports were published, saying the Chief Rabbinate had capitulated to High Court pressure, bypassed all of the local rabbis and appointed four national marriage registrars, rabbis who are known for their Mizrachi world view. Through this act they opened the way wide for every false convert who elects to enter, to come right in. It is plain to see that all of the clarifications issued by the Chief Rabbinate were empty.

Thus our only option is to give voice to the truth, time after time, to counter the world of deceptiveness. And the clear truth in this painful battle we learned from the teachings of Rabbenu Hagodol, Maran the Avi Ezri ztvk”l. He voiced it in his day publicly, with a bitter heart, saying these exact words: “When it is known that the prime minister is behind the dayan and the rov, and the fact that they are applying pressure to him demonstrates that HaKodosh Boruch Hu is not there, rendering a truthful hearing impossible.”

According to his pointed remarks, the concept of “geirei arayos” has taken on a new meaning now. If during the time of the Prophets the “converts” were threatened, in our age the rabbinical figures in charge of conversion are threatened. The rapacious lion has opened its mouth and roared: the High Court, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Constitutional Committee Chairman – each has a roar of his own and a litany of threats, both known and unknown to us. One roars for recognition of Reform “conversion,” another for recognition of rabbis from Tzohar and yet another to legally sever IDF “conversions” from the authority of the Chief Rabbinate, etc., etc. (And those which are not known to us are known to them.)

Finally the “conversion” courts are legally binding and have government backing. The Chief Rabbinate is really hard-pressed. Their only option is to resign. But of course there’s always another way, you can also follow a convoluted path and contrive a “dispensation” to endorse 4,500 geirei arayos, i.e. people with a conversion certificate signed under duress.

Regarding the “dispensation,” a fundamental point should be noted: our rabbonim are of the opinion that the “ruling” is wholly unfounded in claiming that the IDF “converts” earnestly undertook the yoke of mitzvas. In truth, when the “ruling” was presented to Moetzes Chachmei HaTorah, some of them refused to sign, as reported, and rightfully so, for there is no conversion in this case at all. Eventually they agreed to sign with the addition of a single sentence: “If he accepted the yoke of Torah and mitzvas in earnest, then the conversion is genuine,” i.e. they question the Chief Rabbinate’s absolute determination that these are genuine converts. Thus, the document undermines itself. Still, the “ruling” was issued loud and clear. IDF “converts” are permitted. (The above sentence was written in tiny letters that were too small to read.) Can this be considered a ruling?

How enduring are the remarks by Rabbenu Hagodol cited above, that when pressure is applied to the dayan and the rov, a legitimate hearing is infeasible.

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  1. Waking up too late.
    Why didn’;t we heed the warnings of Gedolei Yisroel who opposed the chief “rabbinate” from its inception, Moronon Reb Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld z”l, Reb Yeruchem Diskin z”l, etc.?
    They stated thid situation right at the beginning of ……………’s rabbinate.
    This is a fact which has been denied by those that are “poschim al shnei se’ifim for almost a century. Now you’re waking up?
    It’s kinda late.

  2. Soory but the author of this article has no clue as to what even went on in Israel. Its good he didnt write his full name. But the fact is while 4000 converts were accepted, 16000 were rejected over this 10 to 15 year span. Rav Shlomo Amar shlita made it clear in his teshuvos that kabbolos ol mitzvos is a tnai in geirus and these 4000 were done with that premise in mind. Could it be that some fooled the Beis din? ofcourse! Bu tthe words of Rav shach zatzal are not applicable at all to Rav Amar who more than anyone exerts day and night fighting falsehood

  3. “rejecting” thousands does not legitimize the kashrus of 4,500 who mostly did not keep shabbos, kashrut and taharat hamishpacha in the first place. The committe that the chief rabbi set initialy to decide the state of these converts (iow: those who ACTUALLY investigated the converts and the conversion) did NOT want to sign on behalf of this charade because they knew it is a charade. Boruch Hashem that he allowed to have HaRav ELyashiv with us to save AM yisrael from acquiescing to fake converts into klal yisroel.

  4. Comment #1. from “Yeshiva Bochur” is, of course, 1,000% correct. The purpose of the whole secular Zionist Movement and its creation of the modern State of Israel has been to remake the Jewish people into a secular nation separate from G-D.

    The “hard core” secular Zionist groups, like the Haganah, which, with the establishment of the state, became the Labor and other left wing parties, have been the very worst in this wicked evil effort to destroy the Divine stamp on Klall Yisroel.

    The “revisionist” Zionist groups, like the Irgun, which, with the establishment of the state, became the Likud and other right wing parties, have been no where near as bad. In fact, starting with the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin, each time a Likud candidate for prime minister won an election, he announced: “B’Ezras HaShem (With the help of G-D), we will form a coaltion, and went to the Kosel to say a prayer for the success of his government.” They also gave some support for some Torah issues. At the same time though, as they are still the directors of what is in essence an anti-religious government, there are limitations on what they can do for Torah items.


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