The Filibuster Is Dead

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congressSenate Democrats invoked the long-threatened “nuclear option” this morning, drastically limiting Republicans’ ability to block federal appointments.

On a mostly party-line vote of 52-48, the chamber decided that all presidential nominees, save for potential Supreme Court justices, can be confirmed by a simple majority rather than the 60 votes previously necessary to override a filibuster. Read more about it here.

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  1. The filibuster is far from dead. The measure only prevents the filibuster from being used to block Federal appointments. Other legislation can still be filibustered.

  2. Reid and the Democrats are going to live to regret this change. It is very possible, given the debacle that is Obamacare, that starting in 2017 they will face a GOP Senate, House and President with a serious and sweeping reform agenda. Having discarded the filibuster – long the protection given to minorities — a GOP Senate majority could theoretically expand the the simple majority rule to all sorts of issues, including Supreme Court nominations and legislation aimed at downsizing the federal government.

    This looks to me like a sign of panic by the Democrats, anxious to do as much as possible to staff up the judiciary with left wing judges before they lose power. They may also wish to divert attention from the ongoing Obamacare crisis. What they may not understand is that they have weakened the wishy-washy wing of the GOP and strengthened its conservative wing, especially Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Those pleading for reaching across the aisle have lost ALL credibility.

  3. You foolish Democrats will pay dearly for this when the Republicans regain power and start nominating Pro Life/ Pro traditional marriage candidates. Very stupid move!

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