Winner to Be Announced at Noon Today: The First Annual Matzav Song of the Year – Voting Has Ended

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singers-small1[Videos below; voting has ended.] is proud to present the First Annual Matzav Music Awards, which will recognize the most popular contributions to Yiddishe music over the last year. This new project is being launched after weeks of deliberations, as well as discussions with noted musicians, composers and others in the Jewish music industry.

Our first installation of the awards will focus on the songs that had the greatest impact of the year 5769. After voting by thousands of readers all over the globe, we will announce the winner of the Matzav Song of the Year for 5769.

Our assembled team has gone through the Jewish music albums that were released since Pesach of 5768. We must admit that, initially, our goal was to choose the top five songs released during the year of 5769 and then allow our readers to vote on which one should be crowned as the “Matzav Song of the Year.” However, upon closer examination, our team discovered that while numerous albums were released over the year, they believed that only three songs were deserving of being included in the vote, and also felt that the time frame should be extended back to Pesach of the previous year. Next year, the vote will be strictly on the year 5770.

The criteria in choosing the top songs of the year included general popularity, the number of requests for these songs at weddings or musical events, and other factors.

Readers should take note of the fact that many of the current popular songs – Niggun Nevoh, the Belzer Ach Tov and Ashrei Mi – and others – were actually released well before Pesach of 5768 and, while still being sung all over the world, were deemed ineligible for this year’s award.

singersAdditionally, we must add that currently, quite a number of wonderful albums have been or are being released. These include albums from Yaakov Shwekey, MBD, Yeshiva Boys Choir and others. Songs on these albums will be up for consideration for next year’s vote – Matzav’s Song of the Year for 5760 – but are not eligible for this year’s vote.

We will also be having our team examining new singers and composers, lesser known songs that should be big hits, and various other categories that we will allow our readers to vote on.

So, without further ado, we present to you the top three songs of 5769, along with some background information. They are listed here in no particular order, each having been deemed worthy of being included in this elite group of beautiful and uplifting niggunim:

1. AnovimComposed by Yossi Green. This heart-stirring song was actually composed by Yossi Green years ago, and was first sung by Mordechai ben David and Yossi Green at a Priority One concert almost a decade ago. The song, however, was not officially released until this past year, when it was included on Yossi Green’s album, “The Eighth Note,” where it is sung by both MBD and Yossi. This composition is sung all over the world and virtually every wedding in the year 5769 has featured this touching niggun.

Click below to listen to Anovim:

[media id=142 width=400 height=300]

2. Vehi She’amdaComposed by Yonatan Razel. This moving melody has captured the hearts of Yidden in Eretz Yisroel, as well as Jews across the globe. It has already been sung and rerecorded, and continues to gain popularity. Sung by Yonatan Razel and Yaakov Shwekey at a concert in Caesarea, the song is also included as the last selection on Yaakov Shwekey’s newest album, Shwekey V – Ad Bli Dai, which was released yesterday.

Click below for a video of Vehi She’amda:

[media id=144 width=400 height=300]

3. HentalachComposed by Chilu Posen. This song needs no introduction. Few songs over the last decade have gained the attention of Jewish music listeners like Hentalach. Featured as the last song on Lipa Schmelczer’s album “A Poshiter Yid,” Hentalach is in a genre all its own, uplifting Jews and raising the spirits of participants at simchos and events across the globe. A bright young composer, Chilu Posen, has created a unique niggun that has been enhanced and made popular by the talent and creativity of Lipa.

Click below for a video of Hentalach:

[media id=143 width=400 height=300]

So there you have it. The top three songs of 5769.

It was by no means an easy decision. A number of other quality songs were considered for this list, but our team of music aficionados, based on the criteria established, felt that their impact was simply not on the level of the three that were chosen. Some of these truly beautiful and lively songs include Bayis Ne’eman sung by Yisroel Werdyger, Mah Tamar sung by Yeedle, Posayach sung by Shloime Daskal and others.

We now present the opportunity to our dedicated readers to cast their vote for the top song of 5769. Once all the votes are cast, one voter will be chosen as a winner of a free DVD of the newly released The Event, a beautiful concert featuring Lipa, MBD, the Pirchei Choir, Dedi, and an emotional tribute to the unforgettable Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum zt”l. We thank Sheya Mendlowitz for sponsoring this raffle.

To cast your vote, simply click on a song below. Be sure to enter your email address so that you will be entered into the raffle for the free DVD of The Event.

The winner of the Matzav Song of the Year for 5769 will be announced Thursday, September 4, at about noon. Be sure to log on to to see the results.

7 a.m. EST, Thursday, September 4: Voting has ended and the votes are currently being tallied. The winner will be announed at 12 noon.

Vote here:

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  1. I believe that Hentalech will win due to it’s popularity, but I believe that Anovim has so much more to itself, musical, creativity etc.

  2. Anavim’s meaning is really uplifting. And no one better to sing it than MBD.
    Why is shwecky’s song here if it really should be for next year’s voting.

    Vehi She’amda was deemed eligible because it was already released on the Shwekey concert DVD.

  3. The oilam taanehs that Hentalach will win bec. of its popularity, but who knows? Maybe we’ll have an upset!

  4. The ma tamar song composed by aron razel takes the cake by far.Its such a chilling song.I love tantzing to it.I use it as a tune while i learn gemara.It makes me happy

  5. the hentlech video is from camp rayim. The big guy in the white shirt is Rabbi Binyomen Basch. He is pushing people back to prevent them from jumping on the stage. He is my neighbor. A great Guy. I’m his biggest fan.

  6. its hands Down MBD ANOVIM its “heart and soul” the most sung Song this past year by every singer in the world and MBD sings it the best i would say Shwekey comes in a distant second and hentelach 3rd

  7. truth is all 3 of the songs are nothing major in a musical sense
    1.Hentalach while being a catchy tune is just a simple rythem
    2. Anavim while it has interesting words (typical yossi green)the song in itself has no hartz or uplifting try singing it to kedusha on shabbos at your local shul.
    3. Vehi sheamdah while a decent song is only popular to the hype and attention it got being that it was sung by shwekey and rosel .
    so I’m not voting for any of the top 3 do I still get a chance to win the free DVD?

  8. WOW!!! this is a hard decision but i think that its Vehi She’amda#1 Anovim#2 and last but not least Hentelech as #3 may the best song win

  9. A few comments:

    1. Thank you to for this! I think it’s great!

    2. The text mentions in several places about music for the year 5760, don’t you mean 5770?

    3. Is it one entry per household, person, email address…?

    as for my vote, its very close between anovim and vehi she’amda because both have such beautiful words. I went with anovim at the the end.

    Thanks again!

  10. There is a stira. On the one hand you are considering Anovim as this year’s song, because the first time it was played was in concert, so it’s not counted. On the other hand you are considering Vehi She’amda as this years song because Schwekey sang it in concert this past year. THIS IS VERY SHVER. IT NEEDS IYUN!

  11. #26: Bameh devarim amurim, when the concert was released as an album during the year (Shwekey, Vehi She’amda), aval hacha bemai askinan (MBD, Anavim) when the concert was never published. The chalos is talui in the zeman of the first published release.


    Thanks for being mechavein to our cheshbon! Well done.

  12. I want to just say that I’m amazed at the generosity of in offering such an expensive prize for the one who wins the raffle!!!

  13. Anovim!
    Does anyone notice that on this video of Anovim, he says, “Reu b’ori shezarach” instead of the new version on the 8th note which he says “zoreach” (past tense vs present tense)?

  14. After watching all 3 videos, it’s not a fully fair game on this website since the Anovim was done in a less awesome way in the video than V’hi She’amda with a whole philharmonic orchestra, and the Hentelach song with the guys going wild.

  15. Anovim #1
    MBD in an old tish beck with Yossi Green croaking along just doesnt get me going.
    Hentalach is NOT a song – its a color war jumping up n’ down clapping chant.


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