The Forward Asks: “Has Secular Israel Lost War With Ultra-Orthodox?”

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anti-chareidi-incitementSome years ago, Israel Segal, a writer and journalist who was brought up Orthodox and became secular, summed up what he described as a secular defeat.

“The all-out war has indeed come to an end, in my view, with the defeat of the secular public,” he wrote. “We are living under an occupation government of the ultra-Orthodox minority. An occupation that is constantly tightening its grip.”

Do the results of the recent general election augur a change? Read more here.

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  1. So this secular writer acknowledges that the secular were waging a war against the frum.

    Something for all the deniers to consider.

  2. Has secular Israel lost war against Orthodox? We really hope so! When they war against the religious, they are really warring against G-D and His Holy Torah.


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