The Future of Hundreds of Orphans is Hanging in the Balance


The future of hundreds of new orphans in our own communities are hanging in the balance, the support and guidance for them to be able to cope with their new reality, is currently in jeopardy.

For many years OhrChodosh has been a beacon of light for people going through their darkest times -children who lost a parent.

No one will ever understand the pain, the anguish and the sense of loneliness of a child losing his or her parent, except for one who actually experienced it. It’s like the ground has been taken from underneath them, their safety net has simply vanished, the person who would do anything in the world for their protection is gone. Now what?

OhrChodosh who has been founded by people who actually experienced that pain and forlornness, and has undertaken the massive responsibility of providing support and guidance to our little sisters and brothers who have been orphaned.

From support and guidance leading up to the Levaya, throughout their entire difficult childhood, to a designated mentor – an individual who was also orphaned as a child, for every orphan, who stands at his or her side whenever needed, care packages are being sent to these children upon every Yom Tov, the family’s simchas, Shabbos packages in camp, Yurtzeit, etc.

A 24 hour Support hotline to offer guidance with any issue that may arise, tutoring services to help these orphans academically, social gatherings, and Shabbos retreats are also offered to these families free of charge.

However due to the enormous influx of forty new orphaned families totaling one hundred and twelve new orphans,OhrChodosh’s financial resources have been depleted, they cannot continue providing these vital services to those desperately needing them, unless they can manage to raise the necessary funds to cover the enormous costs of these programs.

An emergency campaign has been launched to help them raise the required funds to be able to continue, but they need KlalYisroel to pitch in, they cannot do it on their own. They already took on the tremendous responsibility of providing the services, but they need our help covering the cost.

Let’s all express our deepest gratitude to Hashem for sparing us from the worst of the Coronavirus, by stretching out a hand to those who were less fortunate, we know, that people are currently having a hard time financially, but at least we are alive, lets help those who had it a lot worse.

Put a smile on the faces of hundreds of orphans by contributing generously here.

In this Z’chus may we all merit the promise of Hashem to those helping orphans and widows “If you will bring joy to my children, I will bring joy to yours.”





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