The Government Shutdown Explained

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  1. ummm except that its not.

    Its more like a spouse saying “Hey you know how I have hardly kept any of my promises, well I’d like to keep one can I have $57 out of our $44,070 budget to put up a fence that wont actually hel, itll just be a symbolic way to stick it to our enighbors and a way to show I kept my promise”

    Spouse: “Didnt you say the neighbors would pay for the useless fence”
    Trump “Shut it down I’m proud to shut down our home over this”

    A little while later ,

    Trump ” It wasnt me who shut it down….”

    • Do you think that because your door is locked, you are completely safe from intruders?
      Would you leave your doors open?
      Establishment Democrats are following the Palestinian model – they are more interested in making their opponent look bad than in doing what is best for their own nation.

      • No, but I definitely don’t think a fence will keep intruders out.

        The analogy works pretty well.

        $57 on a fence to keep out intruders is a waste of money

  2. come on….
    you are so biased -you
    its more like a little kid (trump) telling mommy im not gonna eat anything if you dont buy me a PlayStation

  3. This is a great way to show how Republicans really never care about fiscal responsibilty. A few billion here a few there , in the end who cares -Unless it is to help poor Americans or Veterans or Seniors. Than they care about every penny.

  4. This is so incredibly biased I cannot even handle it. The one-sided point of view this website has of politics is insane. Not all Jewish people must agree to this and to put this as a factual analogy is a blatant lie.

  5. How about this:
    The new Tappen Zee Bridge cost $3.9 Billion and is 3 miles long.
    The new boarder wall will be 273 miles long and budget is $5.7
    The boarder wall is a very cheap way to protect the entire country.

  6. Wake up raboisuy. The Mexican border is a joke. No danger or threat whatsoever. It’s just a distraction for the sheeple. Same with global warming/climate change. THE REAL THREAT IS FROM IRAN!!!


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