The Halachos of Making an Early Shabbos During the Summer Months

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shabbos-candlesWhen making an early Shabbos one should remember the following;

1. It is most preferable to daven Mincha before “Plag Hamincha” and Maariv after the Plag. (1)

2. Men must repeat Krias Shema after it is night. (2)

3. One should try to stretch the meal to eat at least a k’zayis of bread after dark. (3)

4. It is permitted for a Jew who has (individually – as opposed to a whole community) accepted an early Shabbos to directly ask a Jew who has not yet accepted Shabbos to perform a melacha on his behalf, except for one’s own wife. (4)

5. Members of a household are independent of each other. Therefore if the husband acceptedShabbos early for convenience sake (and not for the Mitzva of Tosafos Shabbos) the wife may light candles until Shkiah. Likewise, when the wife lights candles early this does not require her husband, sons, or even daughters to accept Shabbos early. (5)

(1) SA w/Mishnah Brurah 233:5 MB11, SA 267:3 see Biur Halacha

(2) SA w/Mishnah Brurah 235:1 MB5,6,7, SA w/ Mishnah Brurah 267:6

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(5) Igros Moshe 3:38, SA 263:10

See also Sefer 39 Melochos

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  1. One can’t make kidush or begin the seudah within a half hour of shkia.

    Rav Eliyashev, z”l has a long teshuvah with the complications of making an early Shabbos.

  2. Thank you. You should also list that when making an early Shabbos the women must know they cannot bench licht until after plag hamincha. (Many women like to bench licht when their husbands go to shul and if their husbands are davening mincha before plag hamincha then they must wait until after plag hamincha to light).

  3. “Early” Shabbos is for babies. Its not because these people love Shabbos so much. Its because they find Shabbos a burden and therefore want to get it out of the way, so to speak.

  4. “untill Shkia ” in point #5 is mistaken because of the mitzva of tosfos shabbos.also experts advise leaving a few minutes for atmospheric condition changes

  5. Rav Moshe’s chidush that an individual is not bound by the community if they accept shabbos early for convenience is not mentioned by a wife husband situation as i recall.”veyesh lechalek”

  6. Why is making early Shabbos wanting “to get it out of the way, so to speak”?? It is actually a mitzva of tosfos Shabbos!

    Early Shabbos is not some american mishagaas! The gemara tells us that Rav made early Shabbos: Rav matzli shel Shabbos b’erev Shabbos.

    The only halachic hesitation is to “Early” Shabbos, that I have heard, is that when saying Shma bizmano (after Tzeis) it is without the brachos. To which anyone who repeats Shma before kiddush (as one is preferred to do according to the mishna berura) has the same issue.

    I think people who make “LATE” Shabbos have a severe lack of respect for the holy day and are so uninterested in it that they’ll delay it’s arrival as much as possible.

  7. #3, Out of the way????

    If anything an “early” Shabbos is extra Shabbos time. Shabbos will end 42, 50, 60, or 72 minutes (whichever shita you hold by) after Shkia regardless of whether you start Shabbos earlier or not.

  8. # 7 probably meant to comment to #4 and I also would like to respond to # 4.

    It is not that we find Shabbos a burden and want to get it out of the way because then we would delay the start till we had to. It is actually that we love Shabbos so much so we want to start it as early as we can. It would be wonderful if we are only making early Shabbos because of our love for Shabbos. However, for many people, in addition to the love for Shabbos, we also like to turn off our phones and tune out society so we can finally feel relaxed, we like to have our meals earlier so our younger children can be awake and participate, the wives appreciate that they are not up so late cleaning up after the Seuda (and as well the husbands and kids who are helping them).

    Believe it or not – there are many many many of us out here who really do look forward to and really do enjoy and really do appreciate Shabbos. I feel bad for you that you are not yet there but keep trying and you too will learn and see how special in so many ways Shabbos really is 🙂

  9. The same people who make an early Shabbos, also end Shabbos at the earliest Zman. People make an early Shabbos so they can quickly get to their meal, grab the Yated & hit the recliner! Name me one legitimate Rov that makes an early Shabbos!

  10. To #13 You should move to the northern part of Europe where shkia in the summer is around 11pm and we will see then if you still will make fun and actually not make an early shabbos like most of the people who live there.

  11. Why is there a growing group of people who come to daven Mincha on Shabbos afternoon and they are not wearing neck ties? One only needs a tie for Maariv Friday night & Shachris Shabbos morning? What’s Pshat? Stam laziness?


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