The Heroes Of Torah Umesorah

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“Wherever you are, wave your hands with Morah!”

They are all waving. From primary age to their older siblings who no longer pretend that, “This is too babyish,” all age children crowd around to join the Morah and Me Episodes.

The Morah and Me program was introduced ten weeks ago, when Torah Umesorah brought the beloved Morah Elana Fertig to serve as worldwide primary Morah. Morah and Me covers all the bases, like calendar practice, Parsha, and Middos, combined with up-to-date science experiments or survey questions that get the whole family involved. 10,000 downloads in its initial weeks meant a lot of children had an extra question this Pesach.

“Does Morah and Me have a Chol Hamoed Circle Time, too?”

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  1. Is it just me or is the word “Hero” being way to overused these days?
    All of the sudden everybody is a “hero”. The teachers are heroes, the parents are heroes, the principals are heroes, the secretaries are heroes, the janitors are heroes, and of coarse the kids are heroes.
    If everyone and his brother is called a hero for doing their job or whatever they are supposed to be doing, then the word is virtually useless.


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