The Hidden Danger Of Living Near Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaners


Millions of New Yorkers live within a block of dangerous neighbors: dry cleaners that use a stain remover that has been linked to kidney cancer, THE NEW YORK POST reports.

Perchloroethylene, or perc, a solvent used by many dry-cleaning shops, gives off vapors that have been deemed “likely carcinogenic” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s very insidious. People . . . realize they are being exposed to perc,” Judith Schrei­­ber, former chief scientist at the state attorney general’s Environmental Pro­tection Bureau, tells the latest Crain’s New York Business.



  1. “The Hidden Danger Of Living Near Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaners”
    You think that’s bad? Every house on my block does laundering! That’s even more dangerous.


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