The Impact Of Trump Tweets Is On The Decline


President Trump’s tweets have less of an impact now than they did two years ago, AXIOS reports.

The president’s “interaction rate” has been on the decline since taking office. The interaction rate is a metric that is used to measure engagement among Twitter users and considers retweets and likes divided by the amount of Twitter followers to determine the overall impact of a given post.

In November 2017, Trump’s interaction rate sat at 0.55%, later dropping to 0.32% in June 2017. As of this month, that it has declined to a 0.16% interaction rate.

During that same period of time, Trump’s followers on Twitter skyrocketed from 16.4 million in November 2016 to more than 60 million, which might be one of the causes of the lower interaction rate.

Read more at Washington Examiner.



  1. It’s not that the President’s tweets are on the decline, it’s Twitter who has the chutzpah to delete conservative tweets or tweets from conservative people INCLUDING THOSE OF THE PRESIDENT.

    Mainstream media, Twitter, Google and Facebook are mouthpieces of the Deep State and will hopefully be taken down together with the Deep State.


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