The Lakewood Vaad: Don’t Hurt Public School Kids, Help us Stop Firings of Teachers – Please Sign Petition

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The Lakewood Vaad today reiterated its strong opposition to the Lakewood Public School Administration’s decision to drastically cut teachers in the public schools.  The Vaad issued this statement in response to the looming termination notices, called RICE Notices, sent this week to over 140 public school employees by the Public School Administration.

“Lakewood’s public schools are blessed with the most dedicated and professional teachers and staff. They do a fabulous job educating and nurturing Lakewood’s public school kids, empowering them to become successful, independent adults. Year after year these teachers and staff are improving the quality of the schools, setting bright futures for the kids in the district, many of whom are disadvantaged.

It is a tragic day in our town when so many of these public servants are notified that they will be the victims of policy shortcomings in Trenton.   It is a sad day when these educators are placed at risk of losing their jobs, while the students need them more than ever. As has been shared by us repeatedly with State and County Officials, and has been clearly acknowledged by the officials to us countless times, the State’s school funding formula is broken and it robs Lakewood’s kids of funds that they deserve and to which they are legally and morally entitled to.   

We offer unequivocal support to the employees who now have their jobs, their mission and their own families in peril. We urge the State Monitors, who have only the interests of the kids at heart, and in whom the decision making power for the District rests, to avoid any budget-driven layoffs.  Instead, we call on the Monitors to publicly join the children’s plight and to take the lead in fixing the broken funding formula. We know the Monitors serve with only one intent –to help kids, we need their support more than ever, along with that of Trenton.

Help us help these kids, sign the petition that says that you too care.” (SIGN PETITION HERE)



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