The Latest ‘Chatchka’ Craze


bandzNextrendz Imports, Inc. is strategically aligning with Launch Consulting, LLC to present the first Jewish-themed bandz to the market. Kids, parents and¬†grandparents are scouring stores and the Internet to get¬†their hands on rubbery little bandz shaped like Yomim Tovim themes, Noach’s teivah, Aleph Beis, Shabbos and Jewish symbols.Launch Consulting, LLC is a team of creative out-of-the-box thinkers committed to the philosophy that through strategic thinking and innovative design a concept can become reality.

By designing the shaped rubber bandz with Judaic Biblical Themes, Dan Weinstein and Doron Fetman felt that it would be a great way to educate Jewish kids throughout the world in a fun and exciting manor. “I felt strongly that they would be popular, but the craze that surrounds the Biblical Bandz (TM) product line right now is simply amazing,” explained Launch Consulting LLC’s creative director, Dan Weinstein.

Biblical Bandz(TM) can be purchased at The average pack costs $5.95, which includes 24 pieces per pack. There is a wholesale price for bulk orders as well. Within the next few weeks you will be able to find them at your nearest Judaica store, Kosher Restaurant, or local store.

“It’s an International trend,” explained Doron Fetman, Director of Operations for Nextrendz Imports, Inc. “It works due to the combination of price and collectability.”

Realizing the popularity of the bandz in today’s market, Sarah and her mom, Leah, seized the opportunity to raise some money for their local charity. During a school function, they sold the bandz for 50 cents a piece. Of the 1,000 they took to the show, they sold 984. “It was like a feeding frenzy,” the 11-year-old said, explaining that people lined up five deep at her table.

Until now their primary purpose was pure entertainment. The approach of embracing your Jewish roots and showing off your Jewish pride is the driving force behind the marketing of this concept. In addition to collecting them, both boys and girls swap them, trying to get as many shapes and themes as possible. Just like with most toys, the simpler the better. Biblical Bandz are no different and because of their sheer simplicity they offer enough space for the child’s imagination, which will not only keep them happy, but also develop their mind – it can be a fun and an educational toy.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Are we so empty inside with our lives that we need pathetic bandz to get us excited? Another thing to say Kinos on Tisha Bav about.

  2. # 1 – I agree.

    And what are we teaching our kids? Buy, buy, buy. I want….

    What about pashut giving tzedakah? Being sameach bechelko?

    We don’t need the TV to become Americanized in the negative sense of the word.

  3. There may be some truth to what you are saying, but I think you need to relax. It’s a new craze that most children are wearing to school and many children who don’t have them are getting very jealous because the entire recess is spent talking about them and trading them. Considering what our unfortunate world has been presenting our young children with, the little bit that this kosher and innocent outlet for children costs is a worthwhile investment in your child’s happiness. The new “twist” of a Jewish theme to it is just adding a cute way for young Jewish children to feel that a new craze that the world is into has become individualized for them. Try explaining to your child that the newest craze that the entire world is now into is “pathetic”. Do you have other Kosher outlets(with a Jewish theme) that you can occupy your child with that will keep him happy and busy that is as simple and inexpensive? Will it keep your child popular amongst their friends because they are doing something that all of their friends are? We finally found a Kosher outlet for young Jewish children. Don’t be so quick to tear it apart. Wouldn’t THAT be something to say Kinos on Tisha B’av about?

  4. Oh plz! They are just rubber bands. You dont have to call this a reason to say kinos!! They are pretty cute and I happen to like them alot! This is not considered how low we have fallen. For heavens sake, give me a break!


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