The Latest: “Rebbe’s Choice” Herring

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Rebbe’s Choice is a chassidishe-inspired herring now making its way into supermarkets in frum locales.

The company says that its Sweet Black Pepper Herring is “inspired by Rav Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev,” while its Zesty Matjes Herring is “inspired by Rav Menachem Mendel of Rimanov.”

The Honey Mustard Sriracha herring, says the company, is a “sharp fiery herring inspired by the chassidus of Kotzk.”



  1. Dead fish inspired by Rebbes? Wow. Is there a warning included that the contents must be consumed only with bare hands, to be effective?

  2. Woe is to us that a herring is inspired by a rebbe!! Another stab at Tzadikim!!! Im sure they would not eat that herring

    • Read their website.

      They write about each Rebbe with extreme respect and give details why a flavor is inspired by a Helige Rebbe. Doesn’t seem like a jokey type of thing after I researched a bit. It seems very genuine and I can’t wait to pick some up for shabbes

  3. I am going to skip the sanctimonious comments and just get down to what really riles me about all this. How far have we gone when we can somehow make believe that in Der heim they honestly used or even knew of things like jalapeno and zataar. What is all this nonsense?! Where is our heimishkeit?! And to add insult to injury to call pinkt these tastes the Rebbe’s choice??
    This is all a bit to much for me, I don’t if I can take this for much longer

  4. Do any real Rebbes actually eat it?

    I think it is aimed at Chasidic wannabes.

    Like the Modern Orthodox neo-Hasidic followers of Rebbe Moshe Weinberger of Woodmere, who imagine that they are Chasidic and Modern Orthodox at the same time.

    • Oy licha voy l’nafshecha. These chevra don’t “imagine” anything. They have merited to break out of the chitzoniyus of our communities and embark on a true journey to find their neshamos inside of toah and avodah, leaving all the pathetic externalities and labels aside. You are right – they are not “chassidic” and not “mo-dox” they are simply Jews. You should try it sometime. And calling Rabbi weinberger who is a tremendous talmud chacham in nigleh and nister a wannabe? refuah sheleima. I think you could use some herring.

      • To commenter “sad” of January 9, 4:00 pm –

        Cheer up.

        Before you start moaning and wailing it would be good if you would read more carefully. Don’t always read the worst into other people’s comments. A little reading comprehension goes a long way.

        It may be cold, but the sun is shining outside.

  5. There’s very little wrong with it. Read the back of the packaging and you’ll actually learn something about their Avodah Hashem. It’s cute marketing that has sparked remarkable discussion at kiddeishim about the various tzadikim. There is a particular crowd that this is perfect for. The only weird part is that this is newsworthy. Matzav?

  6. No surprise. They would sell their mother for a dollar. ?The question is how can people in the food business have ZERO sense of poor taste?

  7. How little of a life do all of you have that this really bothers you all. Seriously who cares? Live and let live. Leave your hate at home. Stop and think for a second that maybe if you stopped being such a hater that you can maybe bring Mashiach a lil closer.

  8. Everyone looses a sense of what chassidus is all about and it’s actual origin – it was created for the schleppers and water carriers who could not afford to sit in yeshiva and learn all day. Chassidim of yesteryear were boots on the ground showing in a “simplistic” form the beauty of what it is to be a yid.

    Many connect to this product and it actually brings awareness to those who are unfamiliar with chassidus. The purpose is to bring joy on shabbos, not Sinas Chinam. Unfortunately the Jewish people have many obstacles to overcome and we are our own worst enemy with the unnecessary hatred towards our very own brethren.

    Not saying all need to agree with the product but to bash and shun others publicly from connecting is a tad counterintuitive to the whole concept of chassidus, no?

    Spread LOVE it’s the heimish way

    • That is decidedly NOT what chassidus was, at its shoresh. As if the Baal HaTanya, reb levi yitzchok barditchover, reb nachman breslover, the noam elimelech and maggid of mezritch were simple Jews, “peasents”. did you ever once open a torah ohr from the baal hatanya or likitei maharan? Try it sometime… can’t wait to hear how “simple” you think it all is. Rachmana litzlan

  9. This product is mammish gevaldig, especially the sriracha. I am told that the manufacturer is a sincere young erliche chassidishe yid who is starting out, not some slimy guy trying to exploit the heilige tzadikim in order to make a buck. He probably chose the name in order to appeal to the hemishe chevreh, by suggesting that Chassidishe rebbes would insist on having this product at their tishen. My only complaint is that I can’t get enough of it. Waiting for the family size.

  10. I have a kiddush every week and THE REBBAS CHOICE is always the biggest hit. The biggest proof that it’s very good and the inspirational message is better is that Flaums is trying to COPY them. Why would you copy something if not for the fact that they SET THE BAR.

  11. I happen to know the person who started this company and he’s a very heimish yid just looking to make a kosher parnassah and spread the light of chassidus. It’s funny that nobody cares about the chassidish rebbes until they show up on a herring container. Maybe open a sefer and do some teshuvah instead of commenting on a website. Peace and love!

  12. Cute business. Good marketing.

    Its probably good kosher food. If it sells, we are fed.

    Good concept. Just marketing. Give it a bite. I hope I can find some but my fish store already has plenty of herring.

    Eat eat. Good.

  13. Some of you people are taking this too seriously. It’s funny, enjoy it. I like that comment of Snag about Litvishe Herring. I think they have “the Herring of Volozhen” somewhere. Once the Ponovez Rov was in a shul and they invited him to stay for breakfast (it was in Johannesberg) he didn’t trust the Kashrus so he he said, “Litvishe yidden, you should know I only eat herring for breakfast.

  14. You can tell the owner is chassidishe. On the website it has a heading “Why to eat fish (herring) on Shabbos”.


  15. Chill out guys, it aimed at the Modern Orthodox neo Hasidics, they also sell a line of t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, buttons, etc., info at their website.

  16. Naftali is a beautiful oved Hashem who has realy connected to the penimiyus of Chassidus in a deep and real way and saw this as a way of taking the mundane and introducing people to the differing approaches of Chassidus to illustrate its breadth and that you cannot say “they are all the same”. And it is fesh and taste great.


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