The Lies: The Israeli Police and the Chareidi in Meah Shearim

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meah-shearim[Video below.] The following video is from a non-religious news-channel. It is from the arrest of Zev Frank, handcuffed on Thursday for allegedly calling a pedestrian a “whore” and spitting on her. He is also being charged with assaulting the officers who arrested him while physically resisting arrest.

Frank is in the red circle, and the lady is in the blue. According to the anchor’s observation, the police ‘might’ have seen what transpired between the two, it’s ‘doubtful’ if they could have heard what he said, and he ‘definitely didn’t assaulted’ the officers.

It goes to show how credible charges filed by the Israeli police are.

You’d be hard pressed to find this report in those Jewish blogs covering every charge and accusation by the Israeli police, as if they are clear facts.

But who cares for his rights? He only a zealot, a chareidi.

View the video for yourself:

[media id=1334 width=400 height=300]

{Orthodox Pundit/ Newscenter}


  1. The accusations against the Chareidim allegedly spitting in Ramat Beit Shemesh on the MO girl is the same lie as the above story.

  2. Wow wow.

    Those whoo seek the truth, know it. Those who don’t, know it as well. They’re just looking to further their agenda through whatever means possible. As Rav Aron Laib wrote, we won’t gain anything by proving it to them.

  3. Now the world can see what the left is trying to do to us. Imagine, even Arutz 2 which is real lefty is questioning the whole story. Now we have a new “friend” Lapid entering politics. The only hope is that the chareidim unite (?) and get more votes in the government. Hashem Yerachaim Alainu in Artzeinu Hakedoshah.

  4. Everyoen should watch this! SHows the truth about how chareidim are abused in Israel by the polcie and everyone. Unbelievable

  5. That there’s a sinas am haaretz l’talmud chachom is no chidush, but your article headline seems to justify the spitting and verbal harassment done by someone who calls himself “chareid l’dvar hashem”.

  6. #8, huh? how did the headline justify that? the headline just says what the story is about – lying israeli policemen. you have got issues.

  7. Looks like HONEST REPORTING is a challenge for all medias. EMES is a Torah Ideal even when it is painful, hurtful and distressing to digest.

    Journalism is ‘News how I see it’ from my vantage and cultural sphere.

  8. THIS IS A SET UP BY THE CORUPTED POLICE . They had a woman walk by .the cops were waiting for this to happen. The cops did not hear what went on. They arrested the guy without a propable cause

  9. #2 halivi you should be right! But unfortunalely that bas yisroel(MO????) being spitt at was no lie. How sad for klal yisroel that its the truth

  10. these are the same strories as when the goym made up that jews would drink goyish blood on pessach. they are just trying to find excuses how they can justify their hate against Torah and mitzwot . they know that the onliest thing that threatens them to become a nation like any other goyishe country is the Torah loving nation. soon they will forbid religious jews to do aliyah …

  11. The left is losing. Their mapalah has started! The Sitra Achair is coming on strong. This is their final stand before they totally crumple apart! Moshiach is on his way.

  12. prutza and whore are 2 diferen things.
    Please dont exagerate the things , in the video says he said either prutza or lo tzanua, but never a whore….

  13. wow, I’m surprised that the Charedi-hating police don’t kill the journalist that released this story. They’ll do ANYTHING to arrest Charedim for no reason, and they’ll clearly kill anyone who gets in their way.

  14. FINALLY FINALLY!!! a Frum english website that actually posts a little of the truth as to what is REALLY going on here in Israel .
    police state 100% pure setup.

    dear “lets get real/#17”, what other country drafts women??

  15. Whenever the u.s. has had a draft they have exempted yeshiva students and other religious theological students from serving. I’m sure he same holds true in other countries.

  16. notice how he calls him a “chareidi”. not a person who is a chareidi – but a “chareidi”… he is not a human being – simply a chareidi.

  17. everyone relax, the media just needed a story for the papers…it was all a show! a fake. it just happens that the police were there? thats hard to beleive. i used to be a movie producer so i can pick up these things.

  18. #17 – America did when it had a draft. Ask anyone who was around during Vietnam.

    And the non-drafting of Yeshiva students is no chesed by Israel. It was part of a deal made by Ben Gurion called the “Status Quo” agreement in return for the Orthodox Jews (Agudah) participation in the new Israeli government. Ben Gurion did not want the frum Jews to tell the world they are against Zionism. Not drafting Yeshiva students was deal paid for by us.

  19. to number 18
    nice try u obviously have no idea what is going on… maybe instead of being a movie producer and watching this clip you should start washing dishes instead

  20. One more point about the draft. The USA, and any other country, will automatically exempt religious students from their draft. Not so in the secular state of Israel. At every opportunity they can, they try to come up with a bill to draft Yeshiva students. So, in fact, Israel is worse.

  21. Israeli government and police destroy Jewish homes and try to intimidate Jews
    There is an eye that sees and everything is recorded in a book.

  22. #18 misunderstood. He thought this article, as most on the “jewish internet”, seeks to bash the haredi, and pointed out the video is a fake. What is a haredi anyway! Why would a supposedly religious jew, invent and use a word that puts together a litvak and a sefaradi and a chassidic jew? Those who search for the truth find it, those who search for lies find them too: please everyone will be extremely wary of the second kind of people, in the future. We now have known them.
    A question to matzav: is it possible to have details of the lawyers and/or legal funds who are handling these cases? I wish to donate a little bit, and I am sure many other readers do.

  23. what I find so sad here is that while israel is facing so many existential threats, both physical & spiritual, yet all they care about is bashing religious yidden.


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