THE MAN IS A MESS: Biden Allies Float Scaling Back Events To Limit Embarrassing Gaffes

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Allies to Joe Biden have been floating the idea of altering the former vice president’s schedule in an effort to reduce the gaffes he has made in recent days. The allies, growing increasingly nervous about Biden’s verbal flubs, have said it’s an approach that’s been suggested to campaign officials on the heels of the former vice president’s stumbles, THE HILL reports.

Biden has a tendency to make the blunders late in the day, his allies say, particularly after a long swing on the road, like he had last week in Iowa. They say something needs to be done to give the candidate more down time as the campaign intensifies in the fall.

“He needs to be a strong force on the campaign trail, but he also has to pace himself,” said one ally who has talked to members of the campaign team and others in the broader Biden World about how to move forward. The ally said it was unclear whether the campaign would make any changes to Biden’s schedule, particularly because Biden was criticized recently for not doing as many events as his Democratic rivals.

“I think you’ll see the same schedule and maybe even more Joe Biden,” one ally said. “Everyone wants to see Joe Biden be Joe Biden. If he’s held back in any way, that’s almost the antithesis of who he is.”  “I think it’s the wrong approach,” the ally added. Read more at THE HILL.



  1. This is what’s fascinating they see how worthless he is but they feel compelled to support him what exactly is he going to do for anybody that’s positive obvious answer is they don’t care about accomplishments they care about their own power

    • you don’t understand how the democratic party work. The President or any other “elected” official doesn’t “do” anything. They just serve as puppets for the influential people that back them. They just choose a puppet that they think is more easily electable and pump them up.
      That is why you see such crazy resentment and push back on Trump. He is the first President in recent history that actually does things for the American people that elected him.

  2. Just thinking …when he’s tired he says dumb things…so if he were acting president and the country were in a state of emergency and he would be up past his bedtime in crisis, his functional level can be expected to be full of verbal blunders at best. A drop scary !

  3. Yes, you hit it in the head. The DemoRAT party is only interested in power. That’s why they go batty over Trump as he is not only causing them to lose power but is more powerful than they are.

    “The most powerful person is the universe is someone who says something and keeps his word.”

    In contrast to all politicians who either don’t fulfill their commitments or lie, Trump is the opposite. That is the source of the DemoRAT and anti-Trumpers’ rage.

  4. He is another HIllary, remember she was only good a certain parts of the day, and they had to carry her up and down the stairs, plus carry her into the car. Does he have favorite times of the day where he is better, much of what he has is called getting older and with all the stress it is starting to wear on him. Just imagine if needed in an emergency and he is fully stressed what he says people will do and he cannot redo and say change that when it is already done.


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