The Man Who Invented Bissli Dies

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Efraim Sa’adon, inventor of Israel’s Bissli snack, died at the age of 93. A year ago, he revealed for the first time that he was the inventor of Osem’s popular Bissli snack, Haaretz reported.

After being sent to a Libyan concentration camp in World War II when the country was occupied by German forces, Sa’adon came to Israel in 1949, where he was hired by Osem to work with its Italian made machines. The company was making pasta products at the time.

In 1975, Osem bought a machine that was unsuitable for the production line.

“Suddenly, I had an idea,” Sa’adon said. “I threw a little bit of pasta into it, thinking to try something new. At first it was inedible, but it was clear to everyone that it had potential.”

Spicing, seasonings and salt did the rest to create one of the Jewish world’s favorite snacks.

Sa’adon’s favorite is not for sale. He would take unseasoned Bissli pieces from the production line and douse them with sugar.

{ Israel News}


  1. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of a yid who survived Nazi persecution in Libya (something very few people even knew about) and went on to make a life in Eretz Yisroel while being productive, innovative, and modest (he kept this information to himself). Netzach Ysiroel Lo Yishaker.

  2. I am sure # 1 and #2 have contributed much more to the world than this fellow. I am also sure their heads are immersed in Torah the whole time and never in devorim beteilim hence they took the time to read this story. Just wondering…….

    • Thank you very much and I am glad I caught your crime in Israel today. You have previously published as “Bermuda Shorts” and I have used that screen name to denote my commentary.

      I am a physician in America and I enjoy matzav. You are making a very nasty scene and I will note you are not aware Hashem is our judge to daven our forgiveness. I do not atone by ever discussing those who hate me.

      Good luck and your creativity is derelict. Do you need a translation service now? Maybe our matzav readers can please forgive me for becoming your prank online.

      Discuss. Shalom.


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