THE MAN’S A GROUCH: WATCH: Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Snaps At Infant, Tells Crying Baby’s Parent, “Can We Keep That Down A Bit?”



  1. “Tells Crying Baby’s Parent, “Can We Keep That Down A Bit?””

    That is not what he said. I listened more than once. It seemed that he said in a requesting manner “we could keep that down a little bit” ?


    Don’t make a bilbul, an עלילה on Bernie for something he is not guilty of.

    “Snaps At Infant”

    He said it quite calmly.

    I am not a Bernie supporter, but c’mon, there are plenty of real things to oppose him on, no need to create things like this.

  2. I have as much fun as anyone mocking Bernie, but he wasn’t a “grouch” here and did nothing wrong whatsoever. A loud baby’s screech interrupted his answer, and he calmly and politely, without raising his voice or showing any irritation, asked “Can we keep that down a little bit? OK, thanks.”

  3. Keep trying to put down the Democratic candidates.

    There will forever be quotes from Trump that are 10 times worse. I will be here to remind you of them.
    “I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell ya.”
    Trump, referring to a protester being escorted out during a Feb. 22, 2016 rally in Las Vegas.

    “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters.”
    Trump during an Iowa rally, Jan. 23, 2016

  4. Bernie is arguably more consistent and less dangerous than almost all the other Democratic candidates

    what’s this obsession with him

  5. Well, duh. Bernie is a baby killer. He hates children. Just like, Bill Gates, Bernie wants population control. According to his warped pea brain, the world is over populated and will run out of food and natural resources very soon. Total apikursis! Total lie! It’s lowlifes like him that encourage countries to destroy leftover crops just to keep the prices high. What an evil wicked man.

  6. According to various fictitious news outlets, the infant later approached Mr. Sanders and offered a personal apology, while conceding that his outburst in the middle of the Senator’s speech was “childish and immature.”
    “I wasn’t acting like my usual self,” he insisted, adding:”This may sound conspiratorial, but I think my mother spiked my bottle with a little bit of Smirnoff.”
    The toddler then exhaled deliberately into Mr. Sanders face, and asked him, “Does that smell like milk to you? I don’t think so!”
    The toddler then staggered a bit and nearly fell to the ground before the Senator’s security detail escorted the baby to his stroller and took him to the county jail for questioning.”
    The infant, who reportedly failed the sobriety test given to him at the county jail, is a staunch Sanders supporter who donated over 2000 pacifiers to the Sanders campaign, and nearly 50,000 diapers to the Democratic Party since the day he was born, nearly 6 months ago.
    The infant is now recuperating in his playpen at home, and says, “It feels great to be back with my family”. But he insists that, for the foreseeable future, “No more bottles for me.”


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