The Matzav Shmoooze: And What a Pesach it Was

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Dear Editor,

A gitten Zimmer.
This was definitely one for the books. A Yom Tov apart from our families. Sedarim with one or two people. But BH we made it thorough and we passed with flying colors, as the saying goes. Now as we count down, or up to Lag B’omer and Shvuos, it is incumbent upon us to shteig just as the count does. Someone mentioned that his learning and shmoneh esrei’s have never been better. This probably applies to most of us. We have been taken out of our normal element, out of our shuls, and thrust into a lonely davening. But the reality is that it was always about two, each of us and Him. And that is what it is now.
The Abishter never left this equation. He was always there and he continues to be there. He just wants us to do what we have been doing, namely, improving our davening. And so we have BH passed that test, and iyh we will soon be let out of this Golus within a Golus, and we will once again be zoiche to be with our friends, and daven together and be mekadeish sheim shomayim, just as we are doing now.
We are all giving the Abishter such nachas ruach, with how we have been behaving. It’s not all negative. It’s not all bad. We are doing the right thing, we just have to believe that this is all for our good, and we will emerge from this better people and better ovdei Hashem..
Be proud…
You’re doing great…
A gitten zimmer.
Eli Solomon


  1. Thank you Eli for painting a hopeful rosey picture. Unfortunately, for many of us it’s not so simple. Our Peach Sedarim were beautiful. Son was all the other seudos. The davening though was a disaster! It was very hard on by above Bar Mitzvah boys. Davening at home with no Minyan, no Rav, no Shul, no chaveirim set us back terribly. What they worked so hard when things were normal, to come on time to Shul 3 times a day and daven teffila bitzibbur WITH THE ZMANIM has completely fallen apart. They haven’t made one zman krias shma or zman teffila. I can’t blame them. There is no motivation whatsoever to get out of bed on time just to daven in the dinning room, kitchen, bedroom, or closet. They also tell me that they only need an hour at most, to finish the whole davening, when in Shul it took 3 hours. There is no kaddish’s, barchu’s, selling aliyos, long misheberachs, Rav’s drasha’s, hagbas gellilas, duchening, schmoozing with chaverim after, etc etc… It’s true. This euphoric picture that people are painting, that when the Shuls reopen everyone will run with great excitement and tears streaming down their faces, come to Shul, and daven with kavana like Moshe Rabbeinu, is absurd and immature at best. A lot of damage was done and it will realistically take some time to repair. The longer this total shut-down continues, the worse it becomes. I’m just talking about Teffila. Returning to Yeshiva and cracking open a gemorah in a classroom setting, is a whole different story for a different article. I hope those in chinuch can address our real concerns.

    • Mr. Not so Pashut; How has YOUR Davening been? Are you setting an example?
      In our house my sons and I have been Davening together B’zman every day, with Geshmak and with the Nusach of our Kehilla. Sure it’s a shorter Davening without Chazaras Hashatz, selling Aliyos etc. but I don’t think the quality has suffered and at least for myself I found improvement because I can take my time and not rush to keep up with the Chazzan.
      Kol Tuv and may we all be Zoche to see this end with the Geula Sheleima Bekorov.

      • I second Not so Pashut

        With four older bochrim in my home, the weeks leading up to Pesach we davened at home and as much as I tried it was disastrous. For Pesach we hooked up with local backyard minyanim (in compliance with social distance rules) and as much as it cant compare to being in shul itself, it had some semblance of normalcy. I and my wife are petrified if Yeshivos will remain closed for several weeks. Trying to learn on the phone just doesnt work well if at all and if the “Askonim” dont do something quick theres going to be major yeridos

    • Its totally up to you to make it geshmak…if you are stressing about zmanim and kavona etc… then you will just cause damage. Instead chill relax sing say stories chat about nice things. National geographic, interesting subjects whatever. Use the silver lining of this time to connect with the family. Sing Hallel with the whole family in the garden. jump with your kids on the trampoline. Do whatever it takes to make it work and it will.

  2. Eli,

    You’re wonderful! I love the way you end-you’re doing great-and what you’re saying is true. You should be gebentched!

  3. We first have to know that this is Hashems plan.
    Regarding getting back to school it should be done slowly like the first week only half a day


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