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booksDear Editor,

We are seeking stories about personal experiences with intuition, premonition or precognition for a book we are writing. We invite MATZAV readers to share such stories with us. The stories we have in mind would involve experiences where people obtained information through any means that defies logical explanation (such as in a dream). Paying attention to or acting on such information may have even changed, or saved, their lives. Please send any such anecdotal accounts to us at:, along with contact information. Please, no attachments.

Thank you.

Beth & Rivka
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Precognition:
    Was vising NYC from the mid west for an interview. Got in town. Had a strange correlation in my mind of the memory of a classmate from college 10 years earlier and was thinking of her a bit. Saw her funny 4 days later at the interview where she subsequently also worked. Precognition I think. The heavens must be acknowledging my ways.

  2. Precognization event #2.

    Was in my late 30s and in my bedroom one night and for some reason the name of a childhood teacher at my elementary school came to mind. It was someone I had rarely had any real experience with other than it was in fact a teacher of my brother. I then 2 days later had been in a conversation with my mother when my mother brought up her name and I think said she had seen her or was discussing her in a previous day in the marketplace. Strange but funny. Perhaps the heavens were interested in my simple construct.

  3. I thought I would go onto matzav to see some made up story about Rav Chaim, went on and found this instead. WOW!!!


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