The Matzav Shmoooze: Aveiliem: Do Not Sit On Cell Phones Re Cordless Phone All Day Long

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Aveilim – and all people using the phone much now: Do not use a cell phones or cordless phone all day long!
I hate to say what may come across as sharp or cynical in any way, but the fact is that all major experts agree that cell phone radiation is harmful to a person! It harms DNA, it harms the blood-brain barrier (a special filter around the brain) and, drumroll, the immune system!!! And people must know that cordless phones – since ‘99 – are the same as cell phones, as it is the digital signal that is harmful. (They began using that in ‘99, as it harder for scanners to eavesdrop, and for data. The power is irrelevant (Dect etc.) it is the type of signal – the digital signal that is most relevant, and this includes Bluetooth earbuds (better to have a white tooth!).
If you are going to take calls, it must be on a wired landline!!! Someone who sits with a wireless phone all day is making a hoax out of coronavirus, as the radiation is harming the person – and those around him, and is weakening the immune system!!!
I know this is very hard for some to swallow, but the reason is that most people know very little about this. But I have spent over 100 hours on this, over the years, and have read the books, and listened to the interviews of the greatest experts worldwide. All experts who have done research on this agree that it is far from simple.
A wireless device must be kept eight inches away from the person at all times while in use; it should be used on speaker only. Even then, it should be used only for a few minutes at a time a few times a day.
All this includes wireless router for computers.
Recently, many employers have distributed laptops to their employees so that they can work from home. Many do not have a wired internet connection at home – which is nice for hashkafic reasons, but hashkafa does not allow people to be zapped with proven-cancer-causing radiation!!! Ask for a wired connection – even if it’s for the time being! (And do not use it with a wifi [wireless] router!)
Using a wired headset with a cell or cordless phone is not a solution, as the wire catches onto the radiation, and becomes like an antenna – bringing the radiation up to the head. If it is earbuds, it brings it even closer in than a phone! One solution is to use a ‘hollow-tube headset‘, where the last eight inches is a hollow tube that brings the sound to the ears. At least the wire is not next to the head.
All this is important for listening to and giving shiurim, and general use as well. (And for teenagers, radiation is even worse than adults, as the skull is not as thick and strong yet, and for children is much worse.)
For a wired landline, there are headsets which make it easier than having to hold the phone the entire time, and will also make the sound of a shiur clearer than speaking into a speaker phone, as the mic. is right in front of the speaker’s mouth. (Interestingly, many headsets have been going out of stock in recent weeks.) Your local electronics store most likely sells these headsets. There are those that plug into a special plug in the phone – which resembles a thin headphone plug. For phones that don’t have this special plug, there exist headsets that plug into the regular handset port on the phone – such as Cisco Headset Telephone Headset RJ9 with Noise Cancelling Microphone Jabra Compatible Plus Extra 3.5mm Connector – $36.99 – available on Amazon.  (Your local electronics or housewares store may be able to order it for you.) There are also headsets which plug into USB, for computer hookup. There are also professional hookup devices – to connect a sound-system to a phone line, and which include sound-adjustment feature etc. JK Audio seems to be the leader in this field; their devices are used with broadcast of the president’s speeches etc. You can’t go to now, but call B&H: 800-BH-PHOTO
Several helpful suggestions when using landline: Deactivating call-waiting (‘clicks’): If the line you are using has call waiting, it can help to temporarily deactivate it. Dial *70 before beginning to dial (it then reactivates automatically after you hang up. You can only deactivate when calling out; it doesn’t work when receiving a call.) When deactivated, callers will either get a busy signal, or, if you have phone-company voicemail set up, it will go directly to voicemail. You can also do call-forwarding – to have calls that come in during that time forwarded to another number. To activate: *72+forwarding # (you must answer the forwarding number [the call that line receives] when you do the forwarding; if the call is not answered, it does not activate). To deactivate: *73.
Electronics and radiation around the bed hamper melatonin production. It is to be understood that the body has electricity! This might sound funny, as one wonders where the battery is! But if one understands that a battery works with chemical reactions, it is not hard to understand that there is electricity in the body. This can be measured with a special electrical meter; when held near the heart; the needle will jump with each heartbeat! Everything in the world has magnetism (which is what electricity is). When a drop of water sticks to the side of a cup, that is magnetism. Electrical current around the bed causes one to not sleep deeply. (To use a cell phone to see the time etc, place in airplane mode – no radiation. However, even then, it is not healthy to keep it under the pillow, as the electronics themselves have a magnetic field. Also, some cell phones – like iPhone – updated emails etc. even when off, so it must be placed in airplane mode. In an Iphone instruction manual, it says to keep it half an inch away fro the person at all times. Now think about it; a company which has more cash at hand than the US government ($75B), is not too afraid of lawsuits; for many companies, lawsuits are cheaper than warning messages (which greatly reduce profits), and yet they write this! If so, what does it really mean?!?!) For when it is on one’s person, there is a Faraday pouch which blocks signals.
Also, note that a cordless phone base gives out radiation 24/7; it is like a mini-cell phone tower in the house!!! (They do this so that when one takes the handset far from the base, it notifies the person that it is out of range. However, while this would be nice if the radiation is of no issue, in actuality, that is simply not true. At the extreme bare minimum, the base should not be kept in a bedroom, so that at least at night, the body can repair and recharge. Even better, unplug it, and have a wired phone plugged in. (If the electrical adapter is unplugged, there is no radiation – you will see the picture of the antenna on the handset blinking.)
In my mind it is simple that the trade off of the difficulty of even not being able to receive any condolence calls compared to being zapped with radiation many hour per day, is definitely not worth it. I’m sorry to say, but the fact that people are talking much more recently (phone companies have said that calls have gone up much – as opposed to texts) is part of the gezeira min Hashomayim. Use a wired landline, and talk to you hearts content!  
Thank you.



  1. radiation on wireless phones

    Has this been checked out by Matzav with DOCTORS before printing it?? I am referring to doctors who would be willing to sign their name to it and NOT hind behind remaining anonymous?

  2. So what are we doing about all the hundreds & thousands of our children that are listening to their school conferences/classes all day on cordless & cell phones? Just wondering about that

  3. I’m a little surprised that Matzav would post such a rediculous story. Especially targeting aveilim at a time like this. A simple Google search would show you even the American Cancer Society said there is no such evidence and that the RF emissions are way to low to effect anything.

    I would better recommend educating the public on real issues such as warning them about the aliens that are watching us right now! That’s a real threat we need to address!

  4. Must be a Anti vaxxer conspiracy theorist, you’re wrong all experts do not say using a cell phone is harmful stop spewing rubbish

  5. another good idea is to setup an email add where people can write meaningful memories that the family will read & re-read long after shiva is over add it to the misaskim list & send it to your contacts

  6. Who is this S.R.?
    Does she have any peer reviewed scientific papers to back up these “Boich svoros”?
    Why is Matzav giving her a soap box to stand on?

    • Its a free county, everyone has the right to make a utter and total fool our of themselves. they warned that the mental health issues will skyrocket with corona this letter provided all the proof you need

  7. You know, when the Coronavirus started and people started warning others to stay home and close schools and various new remedies were proposed, people were up in arms about them and discarded the initial warnings and life saving remedies that unfortunately proved its fatal results weeks later. Someone who is trying to warn about potential health dangers that can only be seen years down the line with compromised immune systems, infertility issues, cancer r”l why are we starting again with immediate rebuttals of her claims without first taking the time to actually do our own research? What do we have to lose? A less convenient life? Healthy safety measures that can be a bit inconvenient? When will we learn to value life itself without all the extra conveniences we’ve gotten used to over the years? What else did we learn from these past few weeks if not for the value of life? Someone is trying to be helpful. Just be thankful. And make your own quiet decisions without a fight.

  8. It’s not just the harm from the radiation. The biggest problem is that the government is using the radio waves for mind control. The biggest proof is that whenever someone mentions this, they are ridiculed and silenced. Wake up!

  9. No no no no. The harmful effects of radiation was something that they suspected years ago. At this point, they’ve learned that the radiation is minimal and practically harmless.

    There is a small population of those whose AUTO-immune system – not immune system- can be effected. Auto-immune disorders range from he likes of chrone’s disease, lupus, psoriasis and others.

    Radiation comes in many forms and it is only one particular radiation that will cause this effect. This radiation is only emitted from cell phones in tiny amounts. These tiny amounts are enough to cause the conditions and so those of us who are effected most likely can’t hide from it anyway since we’re surrounded by it.

  10. She’s spent a whole…100 hours on this! Reading books! Listening to interviews!

    That makes her an expert!

    Let’s listen to her over every responsible doctor and researcher!

    Hashem please be merachaim on us and end this mageifah quickly, so these people can go back to their research without influencing people with nothing better to do than look for every conspiracy theory to worry over.

  11. I would like to alert readers to the risks of spending your time reading articles such as this.

    It will turn your brain into mush and will cause you to become a self important know-it-all, like our author here.

    Please, please be careful.

  12. I think the real problem of our days is that people are not held to responsibility. I, for one, would like to know the name and surname of this genius, who is this genius’s Rabbi, and most important of all, the complete list of his/her Physics teachers.

    I also think Matzav should stop giving a platform to ignorance-fueled paranoia. In any case, that such a post should be specifically directed to aveilim is beyond despicable.

  13. The same people who ignored the doctors and went to minyonim and to family on Pesach will ignore this too. Those that listened to their rabbonim and stayed home also won’t listen since their rov didn’t sign on to this. So who will listen to this?

  14. This has long been debunked. I remember Cell towers and cell phones in the early 2000’s were considered a threat. Some developed devises to intercept the rays etc.

    In any case, if anything, it was only something in long term development – NOT if one is on the phone a week or two or even a month.

  15. You may have read hundreds of conpiracy theory books, but do you know hundreds of people that died from using their phone?? I doubt it

  16. Why is it so hard for people to see truth? Why can’t people be in touch with themselves?
    The letter writer’s suggestions are a little extreme but at the same time there is some truth to it. Why can’t people accept it and say yes there risks/dangers but we do it anyways for various reasons instead of pushing it away. Yes we do things in life every day that have wrong aspects to it but we do it anyways, just be in touch with yourself and accept it the way it is.
    For example, I accept the fact that wasting time on the internet and specifically these frum news (lashon horah) sites is wrong but I do it anyways.

    • Our people have become closed minded, hateful and ridiculously obsessed with conformity.

      They don’t mind saying the most awful insults publicly about someone who so obviously cares and took the time to write this and help the Klal

      All the comments above are really disappointing to me.

    • There is NO truth to it. 0%
      Radio waves are less energetic than visible light. If you think they are dangerous, you better rearrange your house and your life so that you stay in total darkness. Have fun, and good luck.

  17. I saw a report that the new 5G towers are killing more people in hospitals than the covid19 virus. Is there any truth to that?

  18. THANK YOU for raising this important topic. For anyone wanting to hear the science on the issue, it is a controversial topic and definitely another side to the story. I myself began looking into this over 10 years ago when I began noticing strange feelings- ear heat and headaches beginning while using the cell phone. I only text and use speaker phone now, a very long time.

    Devra Davis, PhD, MPH see academic credentials at Wikipedia, was with Univ of Pittsburgh Environmental medicine for a long time.

    Her book: DISCONNECT: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family

    And the documentary film MOBILIZE

  19. Thank you for speaking the truth and being brave enough to discuss this controversial topic. 5G will be worse then anything weve seen so far and must be stopped. Everyone please head the warning and guards your health.


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