The Matzav Shmoooze: Bnei Brak Unrest, Abusive Israeli Police, and Black Lives Matter

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Dear [email protected],

I think it’s terrible the way some religious people in Israel are acting, but it is only a tiny, miniscule minority of them. Anyone who lives in Israel and knows what’s going on will understand that they rightfully feel unheard and bullied. They are treated worse than Arab terrorists and not given any freedom of any speech whatsoever. The police act with brutality towards them, with no justified reason, but justice is never served.

Israel is more of a police state than democratic state and that’s what is causing this more than anything else.

I’m not saying for a second that acting with violence is the answer, but perhaps, when the question remains unanswered forever, those who feel unheard and bullied by the vicious police will start acting irrationally. []

The police and government and especially the religious politicians need to open their eyes and more important their ears and brains and start waking up and seeing what the chareidim are asking for – and it isn’t much. []

And anyone comparing this to Black Lives Matter is very wrong for multiple reasons. If the cops would walk out of Bnei Brak, everything would calm down. There wouldn’t be anybody protesting, the kids would go back to school, and boys will go back to their learning. All they want is for the police to leave them alone and stop targeting them.

The problem is made worse when so called “Jewish media” jump on the bandwagon and heap self-righteous criticism on the chareidim without knowing what’s really going on.

It’s time for the country of Israel to admit that its police forces continue to abuse the chareidi community. Frankly, we, religious Jews of the Diaspora, are sick of watching the abuse.

In addition, many of the fires and much of the violence was caused by some youth groups and fringe groups who do not live in the city or what is unknown as marginal boys who have been causing trouble for the last few years. Yet this did not stop some so-called Jewish media Hebrew-language outlets and others to quickly accuse the charedim and yeshiva boys who are home to do the closure of causing the violence.


A Jew

Queens, NY



  1. Dear Jew in Queens,

    You are apparently victim to a lot of fake news and slander of the Israeli police and government.

    The police are merely doing their job as per the national and global effort to stop the spread of this deadly pandemic.

    In most cases in Israel like the violent demonstrations against alleged grave digging, the light rail, army consignment refusal and all the other “holy” causes of the anarchists, the police are just doing their job of enforcing law and order and protecting innocent civilians from angry mobs of lowlifes.

    For the police to just “leave” as you suggest would be abandoning thousands of innocent lives to the brutal heartlessness of the Corona denying deadly mobs trampling on the Torah.

  2. As somebody who has lived here for more than 15 years as part of the Chareidi world, I had issues reading this letter, especially from somebody who does not live here.

    I’ve seen hafganas here. I’ve seen with my own eyes the violence that our “Chareidi brethren” bring on others. And frankly, I understand why officers “lose it”.

    This is NOT a police state. Are there issues with the police? Of course… just like in any country. The problem is that the Chareidi politicians are constantly blaming others instead of looking internally. Not ONCE did I hear Chareidi politicians come out and encourage the Chareidi public to follow the guidelines of the Gedolim to adhere to government regulations regarding socialization. Only NOW, when the Chareidim are in the spotlight for THEIR violence that THEY started, do the Chareidi politicians speak out.

    And this is why more and more Chareidim are no longer participating in elections. They have no faith in the politicians who are out there for their own good. Despite our population growth, the Chareidi parties have not been growing accordingly.

    When the CHAREIDI POLITICIANS decide to help their own people and and help solve some of the internal issues that are plaguing our world… only then will things begin to look up.

  3. what was this written by a child just exposed to stories of Israel? since when do chareidim protest? the secular government will answer you before hashem? like this everyone always hears learn or daven but all of a sudden with some people its “we must show them our brute force”.

  4. To say that there are no inner problems
    By the charedim would be foolish but there are bli ayin hara easily 4-500,000 charedim here in Erertz Yisrael. How many show up to the hafganot? A miyut dmiyut. And as said a lot of the so called mafginim are from dropouts and the fringe.

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