The Matzav Shmoooze: Chemical Shtick

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wedding-shtickDear Editor,

I am writing in response to your current Featured Video.

I think it’s not responsible to show a yeshiva bochur doing things with chemicals that a younger child/teenager may see.

N. Rackoff

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  1. it is not real stuff, a freind of mine doesnt that shtick at wedding. He changes the stuff inside the bottles to look like he is eating and drinking crazy stuff!!! This should be the worst of our problems!!!

  2. I not only agree, but to me this was foolish looking. I doubt highly there was anything in any of those bottles but colored water.
    Not entertainng to me.!!!

  3. Ok, wow thanks for answering my question. I could jot for the life if me understand why anyone thinks this shtick is funny or original. Ive seen it many times and just don’t get it. What’s the kuntz in drinking different color poweraidfrom winded bottles or marshmallow fluff from toothpaste tube. Apparently some people don’t get it and haven’t seen it so now I get why people do this ims and lame “shtick”

  4. Hello N. Rackoff,
    All the items that were used were fake. The baby powder was powdered sugar, the scope was Gatorade etc.. Calm down

  5. On the other hand, if you keep a proper eye on your kids, you will probably know if they’re “up to something.” It’s a good idea to talk to your kids frequently and keep up with their interests and activities – like, if they’re looking at Matzav videos online 🙂

    If we worry more about what our kids are thinking, and less about whether they keep their shirts tucked in, we might have happier kids and less stressed parents.

  6. Do you light fires in front of your kids in order to light candles for Shabbos or to light up your stove? A younger child might see it! It is your job as a parent to explain that chemicals are like fire — you need to know how to use it. Chemicals are not a big secret to be hidden. They are G-d’s creation. In Braishis, we are told that man was told “conquer and rule” all that is in the world and some commentators say that means we MUST know how to figure out the physical world Hashem gave us and CONQUER it. We need to know about chemicals, and laws of natures and physics and engineering….

  7. I agree with N. Rackoff, this is terribly irresponsible to post on your website. I don’t see anything creative, humorous or entertaining with what this man is doing. Unless there is more to it, I fail to understand why the adults stood by and watched this man drinking all those chemicals, and didn’t object to this nonsense. As a responsible yid, I believe you should remove this clip from your otherwise wonderful site.

  8. Get a life!

    Matzav are a bunch of double talking hypocrites when it comes to their video section! With their regular article’s, they are all fake, look – I’m more Yeshivish! They have to edit like little babies so they shouldn’t consider Matzav not Yeshivish. But in the video section, Matzav becomes mamesh like Goyim! Very unYeshivish! Did the rosh yeshiva ever see your video section?

  9. a) this is fake – he refills the containers with food.
    b) I hope you don’t let ” a younger child/teenager” go to chassunos – this guy might be there.

  10. if any teenager who sees that video suddenly thinks its ok to eat and ingest babypowder, toothpaste, mouthwash and soap. he has slightly different problems. its obvious that these things used in the shtick were fake, comeon. in the same vein according to your logic, there should be no sthick of bochurim who can juggle fire as a kid might play with fire. No talented person may walk on stilts at a wedding as a kid might try walking on sticks and hurt themselves. it can go on and on.

  11. As an avid fan of, I implore you to totally delete this video; this is not “shtick”, it is “sick”.
    Should someone learn from this idiocy, you, Matzav, could be Oiver on Lifnei Eever.

  12. I have seen this many times. It is not real toothpaste/mouthwash ect…..

    Maybe people shouldnt bring kids to the circus, because then they may want to jump off the roof?

  13. I assume the Windex was just blue water and the same with listerine being green water. But what was that in the hand soap bottle? Was it honey?

  14. maybe don’t take your kid to a baseball game. he might think he should rub tar on his eyebrows and run around the bases for 3 hours.

    Don’t take your kid to the circus. he might think he should put a sword down his throat and jump down from 200 feet.

    give it up. No kid is going to think he can drink Listerine.

  15. Obviously this shtik is fake, but the point is that young children can see this at chasunahs and believe its the real stuff (which is what the shtik is supposed to be–that others “think” its real! Why wouldn’t young children think this??) why would we want our children to believe this? It may be cute but not smart.

  16. Though he might have changed the chemicals for food, the young children watching didnt know that!!!
    In their minds, they see an adult drinking windex, mouthwash……
    It is very irresponsible.

  17. Why does it matter whether you or anyone sees the humor? It’s obviously just something that people have been doing at weddings for a loooong time. If this is the first time you’re seeing this shtick, then get out more! Calm down and stop getting upset at every stupid little thing. Worry more about how saying “please” and “thank you” than making naive comments on a perfectly normal Jewish website.

  18. is this “eater” doing it to bring joy to the chosen and kallah or to be featured in their wedding video? cynical minds want to know…

    well if you are going to go the national inquirer route – you might as well have a tagline.

  19. this is sick. in the video you can see little kids watching, they see him drink fantastic and everyones laughing so they thinks its OK so they drink it and its really dangerous!

  20. a)but you let your kids watch the music video with the soldiers???b)if matzav was the only site you let your kid go i have a feeling the videos on other sites might be a tad worse

  21. some people have no sense of humor. (makes me wonder what they consider funny)

    btw, he is not a bochur. he is a gainfully employed married man and father.

  22. I stopped it in the middle. Its horrible. This video and the one where the truck runs over cows, is making me rethink letting my kids watch ‘kosher matzav videos’.

  23. DON’T CROSS THE STREET, YOUR TEACHING YOU KID TO DO IT AND HE MAY NOT REALIZE TO LOOK FIRST.And if you respond that you explain the safety issues so he understands, than why cant you do the same here? whether it is funny or not is personnel opinion, but DO consider that the individual performing might see these negative comments and feel bad. If you maintain that his actions are inappropriate than it may be stated minus the scalding criticism and knocking reviews.

  24. Don’t worry. Nobody’s kids use the internet anymore. And not without a filter, for sure. I’m sure all the filters can be configured to block these type of dangers as well.

  25. There was a vaudeville comedian named Chaz Chase who, despite his name, was Jewish.

    His career was based on his strange ability to consume all sorts of non-food items, such as paper, cigarettes, etc.

    Despite spending a lifetime eating those things, he somehow managed to live to 82 (1901-1983). You could look him up on the internet.

    When I saw your video, I thought of Chaz.

  26. if you think its fake go to the person and ask to try some and how could you put marshmallow fluff into a toothpaste tube (by the way the toothpaste was green, watch it again) and also go eat a cigeratte

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