The Matzav Shmoooze: Cleaning Menorah Glasses

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olive-oil-menorahDear Readers,

Does anyone have a good solution for effectively cleaning glass cups from a menorah? I have been unable to fully clean my glasses and I am looking for an eitzah.

Thank you.

G. F.

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  1. Try putting amonia into a container, place the glasses inside, and seal tight. Let sit for 24 hours. Your glasses should be quite clean when you remove them. Rinse in warm, sudsy water.

  2. put a small amount of vinegar in a bag with the cups inside. seal bag. wait a few days. rinse out with water
    should do the job. Hatzlocha

  3. The best way I have found is to soak them in a ziploc bag with powdered detergent, hot water and ammonia overnight. The next day when you wash them, most of the black stuff slides out or comes off easily with very little scrubbing. This hint was given to me by the parent of a student over 20 years ago, and it never fails.

  4. Try soaking the glass cups in laundry detergent for a week or all year( yes, just leave them in a bucket of water with detergent- covered)the grime of yellow and black slides off. hatlacha

  5. I put them in a bucket of straight Ammonia for a week or two or three and then wash them off squeaky clean. Just hold your nose.

  6. Put them in a container with some ammonia (does not need to cover them.
    Don’t put your face near it. Close quickly & leave overnight.
    Wash off next day – the black stuff comes right off.

  7. Put all the glasses in a plastic tumbler (like a used Flam’s pickle container) and fill it up with ammonia and let it sit a few days. Should come off easily afterwards.

  8. I put the glasses in the dishwasher. I place each one on its own peg of the dishwasher rack and I put all the tzinoriot (the little brass “chimney” inserts) in the cutlery basket. They all come out amazing… and ready for next year, iy”H.

  9. Put them into a bowl and cover with boiling water. Add a small amount of powder laundry detergent (a few tablespoons) and allow to soak for about an hour. Rinse them off with a magic sponge (or regular one). They will come out clean and shiny as new. (I do this every week with the glasses of my Shabbos licht). Good luck

  10. Take a dish deep enough to cover the height of the glasses and fill it up with very very hot water insert soap for dishes immerse all glasses in the dish and let it soak for about 20 minutes or so. Mix the water slowly not to break the glasses a few times this will get all the gook to the top. Then pour out the water wile the hot water is running in the dish to remove the gook from the dish. Now fill it up again with very hot water for about a minute then wipe them clean.

  11. Place all the glass cups lying in an aluminum pan. Pour COCA COLA to cover the cups. Let is sit for about an hour. Then rinse out with soapy water.

  12. The best solution, and it’s not perfect, is to use Brillo and dishwashing soap. Let the cups stand in very hot water first.Then scrub it with the brillo & soap. You have to use some elbow grease as the black stains don’t come off easily.As the glass cups are not expensive you may be better off buying new ones each year.

  13. Either spraying them with St. Moritz (if you have access to it- don’t know where you live) and letting them soak, then wiping them, or that and steel wool. Steel wool plain could also work well.

  14. Huckleberry Finn, when you have 13 menoras lit in your house for you and your 12 kids, its not so cheap to just buy 13 new sets of glasses every year

  15. HOW TO CLEAN GLASS. This is the easiest way,I do it every year. the following morning after hanuka I take a little box and store them awaynot looking at them until next year.
    The next year I open the box and say to myself,
    I should’ve cleaned them last year but now its late and I dont have time so I fill it ONCE AGAIN WITH OIL AND WICK AND PROCEED TO SAY THE BERACHA AND LIGHT.
    I completely forgot about cleaning them because I know I will clean them in 8 more days,,I am sure I will…I mean it,I WILL, I AM SERIOUS I will clean them this year….I do this every year B’H . and as each year goes around I know I will definitily clean them next year.

  16. I put them in the shower on the floor and leave them for a week, they get washed from all the soap and shampoo that flows over them( just be careful not to step on them-hurts).looks like new

  17. *** STEEL WOOL *** – THAT’S IT – FOR ALL GLASS CUPS (and stainless cookwear!!). Any soft detergent helps.
    *** NO AMMONIA!! ***
    You may want to wear (cheap) plastic gloves to protect your fingertips from the steel wool.

  18. I’ve tried everything. I am also a glass fabricator. If you are going to bother with liquids at all, just go for the real guns and soak in diluted mueratic acid. Since its hlass ! U could just use it at full strength, just don’t splash!!
    Second method: put glass bowls upside down on thick paper towel sheets (C-fold towels work best) and heat in Microwave for about two minutes.

  19. Buy new ones, it is a lot easier. If these break when you are cleaning them, you could be cut severely, plus ammonia is really smelly and toxic.

  20. The no effort way to clean the menorah glasses is follows:
    Drain the menorah glasses of all excess oil and place the menorah glasses in a disposable aluminum pan. Place the aluminum pan into the oven and set the oven to the self clean cycle. In about an hour you will have a clean oven and sparkling clean menorah glasses.

  21. I use cleanser and detergent with a brush, sometimes Lava soap instead of detergent and cleanser. If soaking in ammonia helps, that sounds easier and maybe more thorough.

  22. Yes, the amonia in a plastic container w/cover is the best way. I was told to leave it that way for a week and then rinse with warm water.

  23. I put all the cups in a double plastic bag with Mr. Clean you get beautiful shining cups leave the cups in solution for two or three days


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