The Matzav Shmoooze: How Dare They Endorse De Blasio Over Lhota?

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blasio-lhotaDear Editor,

I usually don’t write letters to editors, but there has been something bothering me that I can’t understand. Maybe your readers can explain it to me.

When the current mayor of New York City started his campaign against metzitzah, editorials and declarations from various organizations and newspapers said that this is the worst thing that ever happened to Klal Yisroel in years. There was a huge outcry.

Based on this, I’m trying to figure out what the basis is for all the frum organizations and kehillos who are supporting Mr. Bill de Blasio, as opposed to Mr. Joe Lhota, for mayor of New York City. De Blasio’s views, at best, aren’t clear, and at worst he agrees with the current mayor. On the other hand, Mr. Lhota has made it very clear that he is opposed to Mr. Bloomberg’s view on this matter.

If this issue is indeed so important, then Mr. Lhota should get the endorsement hands down from every frum community before any other political considerations to vote for de Blasio.

Can someone explain the nature of this hypocrisy?

Chaim K.

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  1. Very simple answer:

    It’s called “entitlements”.

    Food Stamps
    Section 8
    Families First

    It’s no secret that Democrats and De Blasio want these benefits increased. Republicans and Lhota want these hand-outs to be limited.

    Maintaining entitlements is more important than restricting toeviah marriages, abortions, etc.

    Woe to us.

  2. #11, thank you!
    The article is right on the money and sadly you’re response is so accurate.
    Where have we gone wrong??
    Woe is to us!

  3. This puts us all in a negative light! Not good for the “chosen Nation”! Anyone that endorses or helps Mr. DeBlasio is making a terrible Chillul Hashem!

  4. Lhota position on m”b was originally worse and more arrogant than bloomberg himself. Then he realized it’s not good politics so he flip.

  5. The new taxation and regulation planned by De Blasio would push the people who fund the entitlements out of NYC. Our politically astute mavens should have thought of that.

  6. #13 got it.
    its about politics.

    Its very clear that joe lhota is not going to win.

    so why should they support the losing candidate?

    its pretty clear.

  7. #16 you are making up stories. He first spoke about metiztza bpeh at a Fordham law school event where he said government should not be involved whatsoever.

  8. De Blasio is against any thing which we hold as holy. How can anybody support such a person, ‘money is not everything’ and besides the tax base from where the money will come to support all these handouts, will leave the city in droves. With such a mayor in a few years NYC will be like Detroit. In my opinion it is forbidded to vote for De Blasio al pi torah.


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