The Matzav Shmoooze: Lakewood Traffic

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lakewood-smallDear readers,

I am writing regarding Lakewood nightmare traffic situation. Perhaps there are influential people and politicians who can address these and other problems.

At 2 p.m. after Seder, the traffic heading east on Fourth Street from Forest Avenue until Clifton [or Lexington] Avenue is horrendous. If one car wants to turn left from Fourth Street on to the above avenues, it causes a backup on Madison Avenue north into Fourth Street west.

1. The three spaces in front of Bank of America must be eliminated a) to provide direct access to the parking lot that they have, b) because people jump out of their driver’s seat without concern for adjacent traffic.

2. The next three spaces should be eliminated to provide easy exiting/entering of the bank lot and easy entrance to next lot.

3. Either there should be no left turn north on to Clifton Avenue, or eliminate spots at the corner for a turning lane, or cut that extra hangout space in front of the Strand.

4. Talking about banks and stores, there is a major security issue. At the SSA office, they have Federal Marshals and glass partitions.

At the MVC, they have state police and security measures. Yet, at our banks, where recent robberies did take place, and it is more of a criminal’s interest, none of the above are present!


N. H. G.


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  1. Have you written to the politicians privately? You seem to have some thought out suggestions and ideas. Often, when people are spoken to in a dignified and private manner, they would be willing to listen. Once they feel the indignity of being advised in public…

    Much hatzlacha

  2. The traffic and parking on Forest and eleventh & Carey streets is like downtown Tokyo. You should bentch Gomel everytime you get home safely.

  3. I’m sorry but the issues mentioned reflect ones personal fear of driving down 4th street. If you are nervous driving on 4th or impatiens try a diffrent route.why can’t someone park in the first 3 spots and go tp the bank.did you ever drive in NYC with people getting in and out of their parked cars. where is the brinx truck supposed to pull up? what about the buses that come to strand theater where are they to park?

  4. Rather than the physical problems that the writer describes, I think that the VAST majority of the driving problems are behavioral. For example, why do people drive 40MPH on a little side street? In just a short time driving, I was cut off several times (one of the drivers even got a ticket for doing so). Speed limits appear to be mere suggestions, pedestrians are annoyances to swerve around, and stop signs, despite having the word “STOP” written on them, mean something like “SLOW DOWN IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT, OTHERWISE PLEASE IGNORE”.

    The behavioral issues are far worse from what I experienced.

  5. THE largest city in NJ is Newark with a population of 220 thousand people Newark has extensive bus service a subway a light rail and path and commuter trains lakewood population 100 thousand has nothing

  6. LAKEWOOD is cuurntly the 8th largest city in nj in less than 10 years it will be the second largest city in NJ after that it will have more people than Newark and Lakewood will be the largest city in nj it is only a matter of time

  7. to #9

    that is only if klal yisroel has not done teshuva yet & mashiach has not come yet.
    if we would do teshuva & ask forgiveness from people we have caused damaged to… then mashiach will be here by then START DOING TESHUVA NOW

  8. Reb Noson Wachtfogel Z”L the revered Mashgiach of lakewood once commented, Mashiach is not going to come down Forest Ave. Why? because al old man riding an old donkey may never make it to his destination down Forest ave. It’s much worse now.
    Forest and 11th improved somewhat, because from 9:30 AM 70 8:00 PM it’s a real disaster, so the rest of the time everyone breathes a sigh of releif.

  9. # 8 – the majority of Lakewood would not use public transportation even if there was. Everyone has a few cars. It is very very different in Newark – people live on the public transportation.

  10. the traffic situation in Lakewood drives me crazy too, but I wouldn’t say that they’re not on top of the problems. THe recent changes made to traffic patterns in Lakewood, while not perfect, have alleviated alot of problems. I am quite awed at how well thought out some of these changes are and I’m grateful to whomever was in charge of this.

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