The Matzav Shmoooze: Making Light of Mitzvos On Social Media: Are We Different Than The Meraglim?

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By The Partial View

The meraglim spoke lashon hara about Eretz Yisroel, painting a negative picture with their report from their trip to the Holy Land. They brought back unique, extraordinarily large fruits to scare the Jews about what lay ahead and to show that the land was abnormal and dangerous.

The trend on social media is unfortunately to make light of mitzvos, as people compete to see who can come up with a new creative video clip or photo to make fun of a mitzvah. We can’t simply show a normal routine act. We must emphasize a guy shaking a very large lulav and huge Hoshanos.

A lulav as a selfie stick, with a caption, “WiFi not working.”

A series of video clips making fun of tzedaka collectors, making fun of lighting Shabbos candles, swinging into a sukkah making a bracha again and again, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Some online portals proudly post these funny little videos innocently and everyone gets a good laugh. However, are we not belittling Hashem’s Torah? Are we not poking fun of the commandments and mitzvos?

The more you see these silly videos, the more our sensitivities become dulled and the more it cheapens the mitzvos.

The meraglim had bad intentions, but are we not doing the same thing they did?



  1. I’ve been saying this for quite some time. Why does Matzav feel the need to show videos of every crack pot and weirdo that walk amongst us?
    Ken saiyn that every human being from the age of 3 and up has a cellphone with a camera/video and is ready at a seconds notice to shoot a video of yeddeh meshuginah voz tuet a strange thing. In the good old days, you had to use a regular camera (remember those things?) where you could only take 24 or 36 pictures. You couldn’t erase any of them. It was expensive and time consuming to develop. You had to keep buying new rolls of film. You always had to have extra batteries on hand. You had to be careful to make sure it was a good picture because you didn’t want to waste any of them. Video cameras were the same hassle. We basically had some sort of privacy. Today……forget it. Even worse, is how these idiots treat Gedolim /Rabbanim. Wherever they go, whether a simcha, levaya, or just pashut to go daven, there is always a camera/video in their face! Then they have to zoom in to show if he IS crying or NOT crying and then to kler and hock over why he did or didn’t. Such chutzpah is unprecedented! When will this madness end? A good start, would be if Matzav and the others would STOP posting this garbage.
    Thank you

  2. You are 100% right. That’s why I try not to use those “online portals”. is almost the only news site I ever go on anymore.. I hope they can stick to their principles.

  3. Case in point: I don’t think they’re there to make fun of the mitzvah, but the meshugayim that do them the way they do. Everyone needs an angle, needs attention… Latzonus of these guys is not besader as it’s pure LH, not poking fun of the mitzvah itself. But ASSUR!!!

  4. I have never seen one of these videos, unless someone is putting a gun to your head why would you watch any of these videos? Still a free country as far as I know.


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